6 Changes, Outside QB, That Could Happen to the Steelers in Week 5

Change the vast majority of Pittsburgh Steelers The fans wanted that to happen, and this was Kenny Beckett being included in the starting line-up as QB1. But is this change sufficient? Or more changes on the horizon?

Those decisions obviously fall to Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff, but there are some realistic and sensible changes in the meantime, for the team’s upcoming Week 5 match against the coaching staff. buffalo bills.

Here are six changes that can happen this week and, in my opinion, will help improve the team’s chances of winning:

Get an Isaiahh Loudermilk helmet

When the Steelers were traded in 2021 NFL Draft To bring Loudermilk out of Wisconsin, the fan base gave a collective word, “Who?!” Response. However, Loudermilk’s play versus running has always been his strength. He’s not striker Chris Wormley, but the team could use more anchors along the defensive line this Sunday at Buffalo. Do I make Wormley inactive? not necessarily. I think you could also have Tyson Alwalo, who struggled so hard, inactive to get Laudermilk’s helmet on match day for the first time this season.

Will it be a seismic movement? No, but it can definitely help.

More DeMarvin Leal

Speaking of that defensive front, rookie DeMarvin Leal gained more playing time during the first four games of the regular season. Leal, despite his small sample size, has proven his worth and earned praise from Mike Tomlin in recent weeks. Lille’s increased role could equate to a lesser role for injured players, such as Cam Heyward, while also providing a similar “spark” to the defensive front.

Stephen Sims

While Tomlin was praising Lil, he was highly critical of Gunner Olszewski’s performance during the first four weeks. Most fans are hoping to see rookie Calvin Austin III return to the team soon, and more on that later, but Stephen Sims will be the next man on return assignments. Sims is on the active list, but has been inactive in every game this week. It’s, like Loudermilk, having a helmet that will not only send a message, but will be an upgrade on the existing roster.

Calvin Austin III

Austin started the season on the Injured Reserve (IR), this after injuring his foot during training Friday before the team’s first pre-season game. The 21 day clock for him can start any day now and when that happens he is eligible to activate in the active list. Austin will have to show he’s ready to play the NFL games in a training setting, but he’s an explosive player with a lot of upside. The question then becomes, how does the team decide a place on the list for it? If Austin is the upgrade we’ve all been expecting, the Steelers will have no problem finding a spot for him.

More George Pickens

Just like fellow rookie Lil, Pickens has proven his worth. Coming out of the first 100-yard reception game, you have to wonder if Pickens’ increased picks are on the agenda. Does that mean a drop in snap photos of someone like Diontae Johnson and/or Chase Claypool? Not necessarily, but if that happens, and Pickens keeps making plays, I don’t expect many complaints from the fan base. Pickens is dynamic, and the Steelers can use all the matchmakers they can find to get the maximum number of reps for the Bills Sunday Bills.

Conor Heyward

Some might consider him to be the forgotten starter, but if the Steelers are looking for a player who can come in and make an impact without making a standing move, Heyward might be their man. So far this season, Heyward has been relegated to a special teams league, but he has shown that he can be a playmaker in a variety of roles. With Kenny Beckett now at the helm, the relationship the two developed in camp could be a reason to keep him on the field even more when he’s on the offensive. Will the Steelers have three tight ends sometimes? Of course, why not. Does that mean that Zack Gentry’s role has diminished? If that means getting playmakers on the court, so be it. Heyward could be a man to help attack, and be an “ace in the hole” as it relates to the team’s plans to go into a hostile environment.

Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Steelers as they prepare for Week 5 of the 2022 regular season.

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