Ajax 0-1 Arsenal (MG 2-3): Women’s Champions League qualifiers, second round, second leg – as it happened | Women’s Champions League

main events Show main events only Please turn on JavaScript to use this feature Thanks for joining me. This is Susan Wrak’s report. Get some World Cup Power Rankings while we wait for Suzanne Wrack’s match report. Full-time: Ajax 0-1 Arsenal (2-3 aggregate) Arsenal deserved to win tonight, as Miedema proves to be an asset … Read more

I am now fully in the WNBA

I’ve played NBA 2K games pretty much every year since NBA 2K7. It was a mixed bag. Not much and everything has changed. Much like iPhones, these kinds of annual sports have improvements in the waves. In the past year the look, engine, and MyCareer have been overhauled, mostly in ways I don’t appreciate. In … Read more

Senators demand new oversight to combat federal prison crises | NASCAR and Racing News

The bill, called the Federal Prison Oversight Act, would require the Department of Justice to establish a prison ombudsman to file complaints about prison conditions, and would force the department’s inspector general to assess risks and abuses at all 122 federal prison facilities. Get more from the Citrus County Chronicle “It’s no secret that BOP … Read more

The first European woman to command the International Space Station

A Russian cosmonaut said “the war will end everywhere” while handing over command of the space station Wednesday (September 28) to Samantha Christofority, now the first European woman in charge of the orbiting laboratory. The entirety of the current Expedition 67 mission to the International Space Station (ISS) occurred during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, … Read more

Superconductivity model with 100,000 equations now contains only 4 thanks to AI: ScienceAlert

Electrons traveling through a mesh-like lattice do not behave like the pretty silver balls of a pinball machine. They blur and bend in group dances, following the whims of a wave-like reality that is hard to imagine, let alone compute. However, the scientists succeeded in doing just that, capturing the motion of electrons moving around … Read more

Dozens of other genes linked to stroke; Identification of potential drug targets

The results are reported in temper nature It has implications for future dementia care, too. Contact: Will Sansom, (210) 567-2579, sansom@uthscsa.edu San Antonio (September 28, 2022) — Researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio are part of an international team that has discovered 61 additional genetic loci associated with stroke … Read more

The European Union wants to hold companies responsible for the damage caused by AI – Politico

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new Grammar That would see makers of software and AI-powered products forced to compensate people affected by their creativity. A new AI liability directive would make it easier to sue for compensation when a person or organization is harmed or harmed by drones and AI-powered robots or by … Read more