BYU vs. Notre Dame: Did BYU Win the ‘College Bowl’?

if it was BYU vs Notre Dame match in game showcollege pot“Friday night is any indication, the Cougars will have an exciting game against the Irish Fighters when the football teams meet next week at Allegiant Stadium.

What happened during the BYU match against Notre Dame ‘College Bowl’?

On Friday night, Brigham Young University faced the University of Notre Dame in the first quarterfinal round of the “College Bowl,” a trivia game show hosted by Peyton and Cooper Manning.

Unlike the first round of the NBC contest, the quarterfinals are a singles elimination. The pressure was more palpable, but the cougars—represented by BYU contest students Ben Potter, Franny King and Craig Walker—were ready for the challenge.

The University of BP won the coin toss and chose to start with a class titled “Literature Studies: Women of the South” for the kickoff round. Evidence One: “Although much of Zora Neale Hurston’s writing explores the rural South, did she pioneer New York’s renewal of African American culture?”

Notre Dame got off to the right answer: the Harlem Renaissance.

But BYU quickly got onto the board when I stole the following question from Notre Dame: “Georgia Public Radio says Flannery O’Connor identified Southern Gothic literature in stories like ‘The Good Man’ What?”

When Notre Dame couldn’t come up with a response, BYU got a chance to answer and correctly ended O’Connor’s title: “Hard to find.”

But that was the only question the Cougars would get right during the starting round. Notre Dame went on to scan all three questions in a category related to chemistry, and all three questions in a category about major predators (did you know that a Komodo dragon consumes 80% of its body weight in a single feeding?).

Notre Dame finished the round with a 7-10 lead over BYU.

For the second round of the game – called the Handoff Round – each question had three answers. Each player on the team was responsible for coming up with an answer (worth 20 points).

BYU started the tour with the “Traditions” category, coming up with two of the three answers to the following question: “Common traditions say you need four things on your wedding day. The first is an ancient thing. Name the other three things.”

Cougars created “something blue” and “something new”, but they could not create “something borrowed”.

For the “Pioneering Men” category, BYU students named two of the three people who immediately preceded Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister: David Cameron and Theresa May (missed by Gordon Brown).

But the Cougars’ big moment came when they correctly named the three colors on a standard roulette wheel: red, green and black.

Cooper Manning joked that the students were a “group of gamblers”.

“BYU, you know,” Potter said sarcastically.

Notre Dame did not find the same success on this tour, appearing only with one of the three countries on the island of Borneo: Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The Fighting Irish also stumbled upon a question asking what the names of the three girls in Shakespeare’s play “King Lear” were: Cordelia, Goneril and Reagan.

BYU got a little ahead of Notre Dame, finishing the round 150 to 130.

Then it’s time to practice for two minutes.

For the final round, teams had to try to answer correctly as many questions as possible in two minutes. Each question was worth 25 points, with teams receiving an additional 100 points for every five questions answered correctly.

BYU started off strong in this round, correctly answering the first seven questions. In total, the Cougars got 12 questions in two minutes, bringing their total score to 650. To win and move on to the next round, Notre Dame would need to get 13 questions.

Notre Dame started gaining momentum towards the end, but eventually ended up answering 11 questions (interestingly, the clock ran out when asked about Zion National Park, located in southwestern Utah).

In this way, BYU was advancing to the semi-finals. Notre Dame students each went home with $10,000 in scholarship money.

The episode also featured an intense match between the Texas Longhorns and the Georgia Bulldog, with the University of Georgia eventually advancing and advancing to the semi-finals thanks to a 10-point lead.

When does ‘College Bowl’ air on NBC?

“College Bowl” airs on NBC Fridays at 7 p.m. MT. (You can stream episodes the next day on Peacock.)

The following teams still have to compete in the quarter-finals:

  • University of Oklahoma.
  • University of Washington.
  • Penn State University.
  • Spelman College.
  • Syracuse University.
  • University of California Santa Barbara.
  • Columbia University.
  • Duke University.

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