Friendship review “Love of the Stranger”

Dan Riggins has one of those voices. It makes the mundane enjoyable. For a decade, his friendship position has been front and center, singing about the little things: episodes of TV feeling inspired and prolonged silence during conversation, coming out of a concert and feeling an almost imperceptible transformation inside of you. His voice is conversational, sad, observant, sometimes sarcastic, but always researching and honest. It is wrapped in exciting music with depth and skill. On his band’s latest album, I love the strangerWriggins continues his mission to capture depth in each day: “I was supposed to write what I was feeling right now,” he sings in his opening piece. “Thinking, ‘Oh man, you better understand it just the way it was/ or else you’ll forget about it. ”

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Stranger Things star Joseph Quinn is being held at the airport

by Michelin Martin | published 3 hours ago As far as US viewers are concerned, Eddie Monson starring in Season 4 of Weird things He practically transformed Joseph Quinn from a barely recognizable character actor into a true pop culture icon. His epic performance of Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” made him an instant favorite among … Read more

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Kim Kardashian picks up art supplies for her nine-year-old daughter Northwest in Agoura Hills

Kim Kardashian looked every inch at the point mom as she took her daughter Northwest to pick up some art supplies in Agoura Hills, California on Monday afternoon. While supporting her nine-year-old’s latest artistic endeavor, the 42-year-old reality star wore a black zip-up jacket, a tank top and oversized shades. The beauty mogul, who recently … Read more