Get a refreshed look for Minnesota’s leading bird book

The publication of a small 114-page book in 1974 changed the Minnesota Birds forever. The book was The Birder’s Guide to Minnesota, the first of five editions written by the state’s premier birder’s guide, Kim Eckert of Duluth. The fifth edition should be in stores next month. Everything will be as exciting for birds today … Read more

Daniel Dutton on what narrative can hold

this week’s story,”My wonderful description of the flowers,” referring to a dream—the narrator’s husband dreamed that she left him. The narrator quickly clears this up. Do you expect the reader to hold on to this scene? I’m not sure I expect anything definite from the reader, at least as far as what the reader is … Read more

Amanda Flower is writing a mystery about Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson turned detective in Because I Couldn’t Stop Dying, the first step in historical fiction by Talmadge author Amanda Flower. The story is told by Willa Noble, who applies for a job at the Dickinson House in Amherst, Massachusetts, on a miserable January day in 1855. At twenty, she’s already been working for eight … Read more

The New Orleans Cocktail Book shows the city’s elegant side

Rebecca Santana. Associated Press If your idea of ​​a New Orleans cocktail is a colorful, alcohol-rich concoction served in a plastic grenade or novelty glass that looks like a hurricane lamp, stop thinking like a college student on his first trip to Bourbon Street and take a look at the new book from upscale bar … Read more

David E. Stewart wrote a book about exploring the Chacon Gardens

A sign on a table at Limonata, a coffee shop in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill neighborhood says, Table Dedicated to David E. Stewart. She knows him as “anthropologist, author (books sold here), Smooth Talker.” (David Steinberg/For Albuquerque Magazine) A sign on a table at Limonata, a coffee shop in Albuquerque’s Nob Hill neighborhood says, Table Dedicated … Read more

From Austin to Bradenton, Bat City uses picture books to teach

Bat City Comic Professionals founders Shannon and Matt Life recently moved their nonprofit comic book store and educational organization from Austin, Texas to Bradenton, Florida. Ryan Balog From Austin, Texas, to Bradenton, Florida, Bat City Comic Professionals spread the joy of comics one copy at a time. The funky nonprofit is part comic book … Read more

Best Books of 2022: History

Mussolini in Myth and Memory: the first totalitarian dictatorby Paul Corner, Oxford University Press £20 / $27.95 Many, but not all, Italians on the far right take a somewhat permissive view of Benito Mussolini’s dictatorship. in the book Timely, balanced, terse polemic and utterly compelling, Paul Korner, a leading authority on Italian Fascism, interprets the … Read more