Why Infernal Affairs remains Hong Kong’s greatest crime epic

As it celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, James Balmont considers the film’s subversive legacy and why – amid fresh turmoil in Hong Kong – “I’ve never felt more important” November 29, 2022 Shadows, fire and large stone statues dominate the opening Infernal Affairs Like an infernal James Bond title sequence. But despite the flowery … Read more

Legendary Entertainment, Sony Form’s post-breakup deal with Warner Bros

Legendary entertainmentInc., the production company behind “Dune” and “Godzilla vs. Kong,” has severed ties with Warner Bros. Pictures. and entered into a multi-year global film distribution partnership with Sony Pictures. Under the new agreement, Sony will market and distribute Legendary’s upcoming theatrical movie titles. However, some of the projects in Legendary are exempt from the … Read more

Leo Woodall was stunned by this ‘White Lotus’ reveal

Leo Woodall Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage Spoilers for the fifth episode of white lotus the second season, “This is my affairs. “ halfway through the second season From white lotus, a new bomb enters the villa – or rather, the former monastery turned into a luxurious hotel. He’s a young bound man from Essex named Jack, … Read more

This was the worst Thanksgiving weekend in box office history.

Yes, Disney’s animated “Strange World” is a bomb – but without Netflix’s Glass Onion, the weekend would have been even worse. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever“Still Number One”strange worldBut here’s what’s important: Thanksgiving is for three days office box The weekend reached $95 million. On 2o19, that weekend’s total was $181 million; In 2018, $216 million. … Read more

The end of ‘son’, made clear — Hugh Jackman stars in the year’s grittier movie

when I watched the father In 2020, I was amazed. The film, about a man named Anthony (Anthony Hopkins) suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and his strained relationship with his daughter (Olivia Colman), was a true portrayal of what it’s like to deal with an emotionally difficult disease. Movies about Alzheimer’s disease tend to focus on … Read more

“The Fabelmans” is the rare great movie trance movie

when I saw Steven Spielberg‘s “FablemansAt the Toronto Film Festival in September, I absolutely loved it. And though I never expected the film to be such a big hit, my hope—and my cautiously optimistic expectation—is that it will find a connection in the culture. About how Steven Spielberg became the genius that he is will … Read more

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Movie: The Retro Review

screenshot: Lucasfilm A lot has happened to star Wars franchise the last 14 years. It can be hard to remember that the new canon really began with Dave Filoni Clone Wars cartoon. It has been retroactively added to the new Disney movie star Wars Stories by virtue of being a very well run show run … Read more

Peter Bart Column – Deadline

Tom McCarthy A highly intelligent writer who has successfully pulled audiences into a tricky genre: newspaper thrillers. he is Original screenplay Oscar won for spotlightwhich was made in 2015, was an interesting movie about how it works Boston Globe The cover revealed a defrocked priest. The new ABC series Alaska Daily Focuses on a hot … Read more

Varun Dhawan Movie Supported Live Shows -3.5 stars

Varun Dhawan V with a gift. (Compliment: maddockfilms) Throw: Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee, and Deepak Dobrial Director: Amar Kaushik evaluation: 3.5 stars (out of 5) The You will see Producer duo Dinesh Vijan and director Amar Kaushik team up to create a film that is much more than just another horror comedy. It … Read more