Mark Burnett Leaves as President of MGM Worldwide TV – The Hollywood Reporter

Mark BurnettAnd the MGMChairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Television Group, leaving the company following the acquisition of the studio by Amazon. Indeed, the executive producer said he was moving away from the “day-to-day management” of MGM TV and returning to “independently creating and innovating” and plans to continue overseeing his legacy … Read more

The Twilight Zone episode that was banned for decades

Twilight Zone It thrived in large part on recycling, and spent decades in the Syndicate Gain new generations of fans With every new view. But not every episode was shown over the five years after it was first broadcast. A small handful were withdrawn from circulation for various reasons, and remained unavailable for many years. … Read more

Everyone’s favorite Power Ranger legacy

If you were a kid who grew up in the 90s, or even the early 2000s, chances are you watched replays or VHS tapes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This high-energy kids’ series united a group of “teens with attitude” (as if there were any other kind) to battle alien invaders, otherworldly monsters, and intergalactic … Read more

Produced by Seth MacFarlane. Ted Prequel Series Wraps

The world’s favorite foul-mouthed teddy bear will be back in action soon, as Seth MacFarlane He confirmed that production had wrapped up on his counterpart ted Prequel series. Plot details on The upcoming Peacock Show From Family man The creator is still skinny, but MacFarlane offered a few hints about what kind of boisterous a … Read more

Drag Star, Disney Icon, Children’s Book Author

picture: Max Flurry Being a multi-hyphenate performer is something Nina West knows very well. Miss win over RuPaul’s Drag Race In the eleventh season, he partnered with Dolly Parton in the Good Campaign, composing music for children, starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the film Strange: The Yankovic StoryAnd the Becoming the LGBTQ face of Disney … Read more