10 ways to improve your metabolic health, from a PhD in Nutrition

Excess obesity, insulin resistance, and leptin resistance are three things to avoid (or improve). obesity It reduces insulin sensitivity12 over time. Insulin resistance makes us metabolically less flexible, which makes it difficult to burn fat and calories. And insulin resistance feeds into leptin resistance, which worsens fat metabolism and regulation. Family doctor Bindiya Gandhi, MD … Read more

Diet culture distorts body image, and promotes eating disorders. Try intuitive eating instead

DrAit culture surrounds and influences all of us. Despite the popular notion that it only affects people who watch their weight, diet culture generally has an effect as well. People with a high BMI are often ridiculed, bullied, and ridiculed. From school to college to work, it’s common for overweight people to be labeled “fat,” … Read more

According to science, combining olive oil and lemon juice may have tremendous health benefits

Lemon juice and olive oil are ingredients that appear in many of our favorite dishes. But did you know that the two – when paired – have tremendous health benefits? Lemon juice on its own supports everything from weight loss to better skin purification Nutritional and wellness value of olive oil well known. However, their … Read more

Rising food prices can have negative long-term health effects on Canadians

Recently high food price inflation has hit many Canadian families, especially those on tight budgets. Statistics Canada reported in October In-store food prices rose faster than the consumer price index for all items for the eleventh consecutive month. The Nutrition Program for Ontario Studentswhich feeds 28,000 students in 93 participating schools, TAMM Badly affected by … Read more

Nutritionist Susie Burrell reveals what happens to your body when you cut food groups from the diet

A dietitian has revealed what happens when you cut common food groups including red meat, dairy, eggs and seafood from your diet, and why other foods like pasta, rice and potatoes aren’t as bad for you as you think. Susie Burrell, from Sydney, said while many popular diets these days eliminate entire groups, what we … Read more

Five nutrients that nutritionists recommend stocking up on when you’re trying to be healthy on a budget

With many Australians already under pressure from the rising cost of living, news that food prices have risen will not be welcome. The National Food Supply Chain Alliance has warned that grocery prices could jump 8 percent by this time next year. With so many people trying to cut back on what they eat at … Read more