Majestic “Alien Planet” from the peaks

BeijingAnd the November 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — China Focus has launched a new feature on Zhangjiajie: an “alien planet” of majestic peaks. This feature was contributed by Meng Jiaxin, China Today reporter. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park was the first national forest park in Zhangjiajie China. Covering an area of ​​130 square kilometers, it is located … Read more

Sloan Partners is named Chief Business Officer for 1910 Genetics

November 29, 2022 – Life Sciences Focused Research a company Sloan Partners Developed Patrick Genstein as such Chief Business Officer at 1910 GeneticsAnd the A biotechnology company integrating artificial intelligence (AI), computation, and bioautomation to accelerate the design of protein and small-molecule therapies. “Patrick Genstein is a highly accomplished, passionate and respected business leader with … Read more

States Join Forces to Save the Disappearing Allegheny Woodratt | Habitat for wildlife

A captured Allegheny woodrat is released back into its rocky home in the Savage River State Forest in Maryland. Dan Feller Wildlife managers across the Chesapeake Bay states have united in perhaps a last-ditch effort to save Woodratt’s Allegheny. Despite the name, the squirrel-sized rodent is more closely related to mice and hamsters than it … Read more

Labor says Tories will not reach ’embarrassingly poor’ nature targets by 2030 Green politics

The Minister for the Shadow Environment and leading wildlife groups said the government would not be able to meet its naturalization targets by 2030, even though it was “embarrassingly poor”. Next week at the Cop15 Biodiversity Conference in Montreal, Alex Sobel will discuss the “Science-led Joint Action Plan to Address the Climate and Environmental Emergency.” … Read more

QUAY: Stay in your lane, physicist. The universe is not gay

“[T]The universe is actually very strange,” explains “black, Mexican, queer, neurologically spaced” physicist Dr. Jessica Esquivel in the prime of her life TedX Talk. And it only gets worse from there. She went on to say that quantum theory describes “a world of strangeness and chaos”. According to the blue-haired Esquivel, the wave-particle phenomenon proves … Read more

Botswana to maximize the economic contribution of its wildlife

Sign up View from Westminster email expert analysis straight to your inbox Get our free Westminster email offer By Keletsu Tobega for the Botswana Guardian New research recommends that increased investments in the wildlife economy would go a long way to boosting Botswana’s gross domestic product, improving the quality of livelihoods among people in both … Read more