QUAY: Stay in your lane, physicist. The universe is not gay

“[T]The universe is actually very strange,” explains “black, Mexican, queer, neurologically spaced” physicist Dr. Jessica Esquivel in the prime of her life TedX Talk. And it only gets worse from there. She went on to say that quantum theory describes “a world of strangeness and chaos”. According to the blue-haired Esquivel, the wave-particle phenomenon proves … Read more

Complete Einstein’s Theories – A Breakthrough in Particle Physics

More than a century after it first appeared, scientists have completed Einstein’s homework on special relativity in electromagnetism. Osaka University researchers show the relativistic contraction of an electric field generated by fast-moving charged particles, as predicted by Einstein’s theory, which could help improve particle and radiation physics research. More than a century ago, one of … Read more

Protons: The basic building blocks of atoms

Protons are small subatomic particles that, together with neutrons, form the nucleus of an atom. heavier cornIt contains more protons (and neutrons). Hydrogen, which is the lightest element, has a nucleus made up of one proton. The heaviest element on the periodic table, Oganesson, has 118 protons. Protons are not elementary particles. It is actually … Read more

The study looks at a rare Icn-type supernova

Diagrams of the searcher for SN 2022ann (right) and its host galaxy, SDSS J101729.72–022535.6 (center and left). Credit: Davis et al. , 2022. An international team of astronomers has conducted optical and near-infrared observations of a rare Icn-type supernova known as SN 2022ann. Study results posted November 9 on a preprint server arXivsheds more light … Read more

Black holes are stronger than thought – magnetic fields reach deeper into galaxies

Artist’s conception of Cygnus A, surrounded by a ring of dust and debris with jets shooting out from its center. Magnetic fields trapping dust near the supermassive black hole at the galaxy’s core are illustrated. This initial study spurred a larger comparison of radio loudness with polarization and was included in the composite data set. … Read more

The first collisions of lead ions at the Large Hadron Collider with record energy

Event showcases Run3’s first bullet-to-bullet collision on November 18, 2022. Credit: CERN On Friday, November 18, a test using lead-ion collisions took place at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and provided an opportunity for experiments to validate new detectors and new data-processing systems ahead of next year’s groundbreaking physicists. Being. After the successful start of … Read more

The new measurements provide a glimpse into the quantum future

The microloop resonator, shown here as a closed loop, produces pairs of high-dimensional photons. The researchers investigated these photons by manipulating the phases of the different frequencies, or colors, of the light and mixing the frequencies, as indicated by the intersecting multicolored lines. Credit: Yun-Yi Pai/ORNL, US Department of Energy A multi-institutional team has devised … Read more