Machine learning identifies the most accurate timelines for predicting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease

A Cornell University-led collaboration used machine learning to identify the most accurate means and timescales for predicting the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in people who are either cognitively normal or with mild cognitive impairment. Modeling showed that predicting a future decline in dementia for individuals with mild cognitive impairment is easier and more accurate than … Read more

The experiment makes use of artificial intelligence and imaging technology to select the best, cleanest fish

lump fish The research project uses artificial intelligence and imaging technology to identify high-performance shark and cut fish © biomar The project, led by the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture, Swansea University and Otter Ferry Seafish, will look at the best ways to determine the performance of shark and cut fish using artificial intelligence … Read more

Artificial Intelligence is an ESG issue – BRINK – Conversations and insights on global business

A sign on Queen Street in Cardiff city center warns that South Wales Police are using facial recognition technology on August 25, 2022 in Cardiff, UK. Photo: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images A growing community of AI ethicists is helping companies develop codes of conduct around the use of AI in their business operations. Charles Radcliffe is … Read more

Commentary: TSA faces ethical limits in the use of artificial intelligence. But work to improve technology must continue Opinion

Artificial intelligence has become a disruptive force in society. Terms like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks have become popular among mainstream media, sparking visions of innovation that have the potential to change our lives. At its core, AI attempts to mimic the capabilities of the human brain. Whether it’s computer vision, which focuses … Read more

Older adults live longer in counties with a greater age bias

Summary: Contrary to expectations, the researchers found that older adults living in countries with a greater age bias had better health outcomes than those living in countries with a lower age bias. The study found that older people tend to live longer in countries with negative attitudes towards the elderly. source: UMass According to University … Read more

What does the emergence of AI models mean in the field of generative art? NFT artists and curators weigh in

NFT trading volume has decreased overall A staggering 97% from its peak in 2021but the crypto-art horizon could call for one bright spot: the medium and market for generative art. On December 1st at Art Basel Miami Beach, the model is in the spotlight at Tezos and Fxhash’s exhibition, “Performance in Code: Decoding Value in … Read more

Meet ‘EDGE’: A diffusion-based AI model that produces realistic, long-form dance sequences conditioned by music

Many cultures place a high value on dance as a means of expression, communication, and socialization. However, producing new dances or dance animations is challenging because the dance moves are expressive and free while being carefully orchestrated by the music. In fact, this calls for either time-consuming manual animation or useless motion capture techniques. However, … Read more

KPMG says AI requires a trust contract

(Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay) Solve the uk summer of artificial intelligence. But only if we avoid the shadows of data bias, the cold winds of poorly designed algorithms, myopic goals, and the misconception in quick cost savings that described in my previous report. But what practical steps can decision makers actually take to … Read more