NCBA eyeing deals for M-Shwari to enter DRC, Ethiopia

BY BUSINESS DAILY NCBA Group is set to launch its M-Shwari mobile banking services in Ghana, Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through partnerships in efforts to further grow into a regional bank. The Kenyan lender, which also operates in Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, is in talks about partnerships with banks and … Read more

Where to watch the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

When you think of the phrase “America’s First Family,” you probably think of the President’s family. Whether it’s Joe and Jill Biden, or former presidential families like the Obamas, Clintons, or Kennedys, this label conjures up images of warmth, stability, and grace under pressure. In the movie, there is another “first family” that isn’t the … Read more

36 of the best Walmart Black Friday deals of 2022: TVs, iPads, laptops, more sales

Black Friday is one of the best opportunities to get discounted gifts and gadgets before the holidays. The main shopping event will take place on Friday, November 25 – the day after Thanksgiving. Several major US retailers are launching Black Friday sales this week with thousands of discounts on clothing, electronics, and more. Wal-Mart expanded … Read more

No, Apple does not plan to buy Manchester United

Apple is not currently planning to buy Premier League club Manchester United, according to a source familiar with the matter. A report earlier today from a British tabloid Daily Star Apple claimed to have expressed interest in buying Manchester United for around $7 billion, but our source familiar with the situation said the report was … Read more

Analysts discuss the first day of mobile sports betting in Maryland

from their phone. A major shift in sports betting to mobile sports betting begins in Maryland. Industry analysts say it’s been a long time coming. >> It’s a big deal because the majority of sports and cable sports fans prefer to gamble on a mobile device or on a computer. Tommy: At 9 a.m., seven … Read more

iPhone vs. Samsung Smartphones: Which is Better?

Is Samsung better than Apple? Or is Apple better than Samsung? Most people are set in their ways by their loyalty to the Apple iPhone or their loyalty to Samsung, but if you don’t yet have a preference for one phone or the other, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? Instead … Read more

Ukraine promises to provide shelter for its people with the onset of winter

“Invincible centers” to provide heating, water and the Internet Widespread power outages due to Russia targeting the electricity grid The Group of Seven will soon announce the ceiling for Russian oil prices – an American official Kyiv (Reuters) – Ukraine has promised shelters with heat and water and encouraged its people to conserve energy as … Read more