Spotlight: Artist Youssef Merhi goes physical and digital in an installation focusing on hacked and intercepted government documents

Each month, hundreds of galleries add newly available works from thousands of artists to the Artnet gallery network – and each week, we highlight one artist or gallery you should know about. Check out what we have in store, and inquire about more with one simple click. What you need to know: Joseph Merhi He … Read more

DCBID opens “Compact City” in DTLA | Arts and culture

With their newly opened “Grand Avenue Augmented” installation, the Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) wants to show downtown Angelenos how augmented reality (AR) can change their lives in the future. “AR is a really exciting technology for cities because it is at the intersection of the digital and physical realms,” said Nick Griffin, DCBID … Read more

Creative AI creates some messy problems

Comment on this story Suspension A tense scene in the 2004 movie iRobot shows Will Smith’s character arguing with an android about humanity’s creative ingenuity. “Can a robot write a symphony?” he asks rhetorically. “Can a robot turn a drawing board into a beautiful work of art?” “can you?” The robot answers. In our current … Read more

Tennis Esports announces partnership with Saint Augustine University

Saint Augustine University (SAU) and virtual reality tennis developer VR Motion Learning (Vienna, Austria) have announced a new partnership. Vienna, Austria, November 27, 2022 / – St. Augustine University (SAU) and virtual reality tennis developer VR Motion Learning (Vienna, Austria) have announced a new partnership. Collaboration will integrate with Electronic tennis VR platform for tennis … Read more

How Virtual Reality is being used to recreate Iraq’s destroyed heritage

New Mosul Heritage Museum Iraq invites people to experience its greatest historical sites – in Virtual Reality. Having opened earlier this year as a permanent exhibition, The immersive display gives Iraqis a new way to explore the world’s most destroyed monuments. Through painstaking documentation, computer technology and the art of virtual reality, Qaf Lab, the … Read more

inCitu raises $2 million to democratize city planning using augmented reality

in Augmented Reality News November 23, 2022 – inCituThe New York City-based company that brings future physical developments to life through augmented reality (AR), this week announced $1 million in funding support from Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt, as well as Another $1 million from other high-profile investors and initial … Read more

The completely intangible reality of virtual earth stations

The satellite communications industry is on a mission to virtualize every possible piece of terrestrial infrastructure to keep pace with the age of cloud-based networking. Turning hardware into software that is installed and managed remotely via third-party data centers gives satellite operators more flexibility on their networks and speeds up response times to customer requests. … Read more