Cowboys ditch WR camp star, here’s what that could mean

Dallas Cowboys ups and downs swore that they found a rough diamond in western Illinois UDFA Dennis Houston. QB Dak Prescott was smitten with dealers, noting that he was always right where he needed to be when QB was ready to target him. He was such a revelation that he ended up being one of a handful of UDFA members to get the club out of camp. More so, Houston was active on the 48-player game-day roster, prior to third-round pick Galen Tolbert.

Unfortunately, once the games mattered, the results weren’t there. Houston saw five goals in the first week, shooting two of them for 16 yards. That was in 39 offensive shots. In Week 2, he saw only 21 shots and only one goal, and failed to score a reception. Before the third week, his NFL dreams had to hit the pause button for a while. Dallas relinquished the rookie on Tuesday.

What’s next for Houston?

Being waived would mean that any club in the NFL has the right to choose their rookie contract and place him on a list of 53 players. If Houston cancels the concessions, the Cowboys will likely sign him to a coaching staff contract to continue working with the club and trying to develop.

The team has to seriously commit to the young player to add him to their roster, but strange things have happened. Fifth-round rookie DT John Ridgeway was signed by Washington after he was waived last weekend, but at least there Dallas snatched him before making more than 70 other picks. Several teams have placed claims on the previous Razorback.

But no one used the pick in Houston and had to get the team’s attention in pre-season to convince them to walk away from someone who initially made that club to make way for Houston.

What Prescott saw in Houston

Here is one of the many quotes from the Houston-based Cowboys QB:

“When you break the mob, it lines up in the right place, no matter what position it is in. That goes back to the spring, practicing knocking at the right depth every time he hits the ball. He looks good. It’s where I expect him to be in every A game and he comes back and asks about things and communicates about things.” 8-4-22

What could this mean for Galen Tolbert

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On the surface, Tolbert appears to be the biggest beneficiary. He was inactive for the first two games of the season. Over the past two weeks, Coppers have been closing their letter on the cause, citing two main reasons. First, they put a lot on Tolbert’s board to kick-start his career. Excited by what they saw in the junior camp, they decided to make Tolbert try and learn all three broad placements.

This might not have been the wisest idea of ​​a man moving from a lower level of competition, as Tolbert played in South Alabama.

Another reason is that he had a hamstring injury that brought him back a bit over the summer.

Taken together, the injury in addition to the heavy workload in the learning department is attributed to Tolbert’s theft from the work of the special teams needed to contribute as a deep future.

Houston’s release could mean Tolbert improved enough to warrant shots in a game.

What else could this mean

There is also the possibility that brass will remove an option for the training device. The third-round pick was invested in Tolbert and if Houston prevents him from getting the experience of the game, but doesn’t contribute to the attack in any meaningful way, there might be a bit of an insult going on here.

What could this mean without any thought to Tolbert at all

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The other option, and most likely Dallas A) needs room in the 53-player roster to activate a coaching team player. Let’s say that guy could be Jason Peters, as Matt Farniuk continues the fight at the left guard.

Bringing Peters to the big club to start a left tackle could send Tyler Smith back inside to guard and potentially give Dallas the best lineup (available).

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It could also mean that the club is ready to activate WR Michael Gallup on match day. Gallup has been out since his ACL rupture in January and has ramped up his activity in recent weeks. If he’s ready to go, these picks will definitely go to him as Dallas looks for a third receiver to work with with CeeDee Lamb and Noah Brown.

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