Didi Pfeiffer says “being the sister of Michelle Pfeiffer” wasn’t the cause of the addiction

Didi Pfeiffer says she’s the star’s younger sister Michelle Pfeiffer Her struggles with addiction are not at all to blame.

The Cybele Alum, who now appears in Big Sky TVopen up Sixth page On her hiatus from Hollywood for 10 years, she was an alcoholic before seeking treatment. She talked about why she was addicted — and what didn’t.

“For me, it was all about my insecurities, and then this undiagnosed trauma and addiction,” Didi, 58, explained to the outlet. “I think people would love to say that being Michelle Pfeiffer’s sister has anything to do with any of my problems, and — oops — I can tell you right now: No, no, no.”

WESTWOOD, CA - JULY 10: Actresses Michelle Pfeiffer and her sister Didi Pfeiffer arrive at the New Line Cinema premiere in Los Angeles.

“I think people like to say that being Michelle Pfeiffer’s sister has anything to do with any of my issues, and—excuse me—I can tell you now: No, no, no,” Dede said, right. (Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for New Line Cinema)

she said from Fabulous Baker Boys, married to a mob And the Batman Returns The star, who has always been hailed as one of The most beautiful people in the world“She is one of the most amazing, beautiful, intelligent and passionate women I know, and I’m lucky to say she’s my sister. Are you kidding me? That’s a plus rather than a minus.”

DeDee said Michelle, 64, and her family have already played a major role in her recovery. They approached her to offer assistance. This led to DeDee admitting that she knew she needed to step in but wasn’t sure where to start. She especially considered the anonymous helplines, but found herself ‘shameful’ [and] embarrassment [and] Failed because I couldn’t stop.”

She said, “I didn’t know how to ask for help. I kept trying but couldn’t do it, which makes you feel like you’re disgusting to yourself.” Once I got it, it “saved my life”.

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Didi Pfeiffer opens up about her role in ‘Rebirth’ the sky is big After a 10-year hiatus from Hollywood. During that time, she’s also become sober, crediting her family—including sister Michelle Pfeiffer—for guiding her toward recovery. (Photo: Michael Moriatis/ABC via Getty Images)

A single mother of two spoke about the origin of her addiction, saying that the disease runs in her family. I struggled with it for a long time in different ways – first with food addiction, then love and then alcohol. During inpatient rehab, I began researching untreated trauma. Part of her journey was realizing she deserved it. Today, she has Four years of sobriety.

“I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin,” said Diddy, who followed her sister into the world of entertainment in the ’80s. I kept trying to fight for that seat at the table until I realized someone said, ‘If there’s no seat at the table, make your damn table’. But when I was young, I was too busy trying to be what everyone wanted… and now I feel like I’m in a generation – at 58 – [where] Finally I can say, ‘This is what I am, and if you like it, great–if not, that’s fine, go and sit at a different table,’ and I’m totally fine with that. “

She continued, “I have decided, in this generation, that I will not die of my disease. I will show my children, family and friends that you can change. You can change an entire generation by stopping right now and making those decisions.”

In her ten years away from Hollywood, Diddy also went back to school and earned her master’s degree in social work from UCLA. Part of it saw her working with non-domesticated people via Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, which was a challenge but a good reality check.

Diddy has said that she is currently going through a period of “rebirth,” sober and starring in her son-in-law David E. Kelley’s ABC series since 2020.

“When you’re active in your disease, you’re the defining problem,” she said. “The moment you go into recovery… the day you say I want change, you become the defining possibility.”

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