Eagles-Commanders Game Preview: 5 Questions and Answers with Week 3 Enemy

The Philadelphia Eagles They are set to confront Washington’s leaders at FedEx Field. For a preview of this Week 3 match, I reached out to our enemies at Hughes Haven. Type Kyle Smith for gm He took the time to answer my questions about this upcoming fight. Let’s take a look at the answers. [For my answers to KS4GM’s questions about the Eagles, check out Hogs Haven.]

Our friends at DraftKings Sportsbook All the odds for this week’s matches.

1 – How satisfied are fans with Carson Wentz’s trade so far? Is it likely to be the long-term compromise?

It’s only been two weeks, but we’ve really gotten a lot out of the Carson Wentz experience. In fact, the first week looked like a microcosm of Wentz’s roller coaster ride, with a few touchdowns on either side of the interception extravaganza. He’s already set the TD records for the franchise, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he breaks the Washington season record (31), which is held by another former Eagle, Sonny Jorgensen.

So far, he appears to be a good fit for offensive coordinator Scott Turner, and it can certainly be imagined playing his current contract – until 2024 – here, assuming he can stay healthy. That’s still arrogant, and as Washington fans we know the center carousel is always, probably, right around the corner. All that said, fans seem slow to warm to him, enjoying the corresponding meltdown in Indianapolis that he seems to have left in his wake.

2 – What obstacle does Ron Rivera need to consolidate his job security? Does Washington at least need to make the playoffs this season?

There is near consensus that Ron will get all five years of his current contract – he is currently in his third year – if he wants to stay in the capital for the long haul. His job security has almost nothing to do with the team’s performance on the field, and almost everything to do with the fact that the owner is currently doing everything in his power to stay out of the limelight. Rivera’s well-respected dismissal – who also happens to be one of the few minority coaches in the NFL – is not the kind of attention a miserable Dan Snyder wants for the next couple of years.

A number of us anticipate that Rivera will likely honor his contract until 2024 and then gently hand the reins to young Turner when he is ready to retire.

3 – What is the greatest strength of leaders? How should they attack vultures?

Leaders’ greatest strength, but to a greater degree, is their receiving group. We all know Terry McLaurin, who is a legit WR1, but Curtis Samuels appears to be doing pretty well this year, and he’s already a big contributor. Rookie WR producer and Penn State Jahan Dotson also appears to be the real deal, making his mark as an early contender for the Offensive Rookie of the Years. Add to that group Antonio Gibson, JD Makisic and Logan Thomas, and you have the best pool of Washington passers the team has had in a very long time.

They must attack the Eagles by quickly distributing the ball into the playmakers’ hands below them in order to open the cross deep ball by Wentz. Washington’s offensive line has already been overrun, so they should not rely on rapidly developing plays.

4 – What are the biggest weaknesses of leaders? What should vultures look to exploit?

Without a doubt, Washington’s greatest weakness is its support group, and its broader defensive discipline. Amon Ra St. Brown and Dandre Swift tackled the middle of the leaders defense last week, and the Jaguar had quite a bit of success against them in the first week as well. “Group formations” by the Lions have caused repeated chaos and confusion last week. The best way to beat this defense is to find who blasted his mission, and deliver the ball to that player over and over again. It’s getting so boring, we haven’t even gotten to October yet.

5 – Who wins this game and why? With the sports site DraftKings listing the Eagles as a favorite 6.5 points, what is your prediction for the score? And what are your expectations for the rest of this season of leaders?

I expect the Eagles to win 35-24, and overall, I expected the leaders to go 8-9. By the way, I have the Eagles winning at NFC East.

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