Elon Musk says the Cybertruck will be waterproof on Tesla AI Day

Elon Musk stands in front of a Cybertruck with two marks in the windshield that someone damaged with a steel ball.

Cybertruck has been promised for years. Back in 2019, the company said the car could survive tough ballistic impacts. This claim was remarkably short-lived.
picture: Frederick J. Brown/AFP (Getty Images)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter Thursday that a long-promised Cybertruck would be “waterproof enough” to function as a boat, the day before Tesla gave a demonstration of its AI capabilities..

in followOn Twitter, Musk said he “needs” his company A massive and inaccurate crime against polygons to travel from a Texas-based still-developing spaceport Starbee’s to South Padre Island off the state’s southwest coast. The channel he could be referring to might be the Brazos Santiago Pass north of the SpaceX launch facility, which requires A short trip from Brazos Island to South Padre. Of course, he can take the bridge which only requires a few miles of driving around Haram, but the guy does that Has bad reputation Because he takes very short trips on his private jet, so he’s probably just looking for a low-profile means of travel.

I mean, it’s a car, and there’s a bridge, so why would anyone, let alone a mask, need to risk a Cybertruck, even if it’ss just for some upcoming promotions? As much as he might want The transforming submarine of the car is like a bondHe’s made such promises before about his Tesla cars. In 2016, he said the Model S floats “Good enough to turn into a boat for short periods of time. Propulsion will come by turning the wheels, which clearly seems to be an incredibly inefficient propulsion method.

Musk made a lot of promises about his e-truck. It was once suggested that the windows were so rigid that they were practically “bulletproof”. Two armed tosses of a baseball-sized steel ball proved the theory incorrect in front of a crowd of hundreds Tesla fans.

The truck that looks like the love child of brutalist architecture and Blade Runner is Supposed to be released in 2023Focus on “supposed to”. Tesla has been notorious for delaying multiple models for several years. Last year, when Musk announced his so-called “Tesla Bot,” he called his cars “semi-aware robots on wheels.” Unfortunately, the only thing he had to boast about in a man-sized robot meant to do menial work was a man in a cramped suit.

When will Musk’s “robot” be upgraded from a rigid walking person in a black and white spandex suit to a true mannequin-sized robot? we will, There were a lot of hopes pinned on the upcoming Tesla AI Day scheduled for Friday night. The event must be viewable on the company Youtube The channel starts at 5 PM PT (8 PM ET), but the timing isn’t entirely clear just yet.

TThe man in charge also posted a promotional image for AI Day 2022 with heart-shaped robotic hands sofa His statement said, “The aim of the event is to employ artificial intelligence [and] Robotics engineers, so they will be highly technical.” He mentioned that the team that developed the 5’8″ robot called ‘Optimus’ has an extension end of the month Limit.

In addition to its own robot, Tesla is also supposed to talk more about its self-driving cars, Which You haven’t been getting a lot of good press lately Which under federal investigation. Musk said beta updates for fully self-driving cards will be coming soon. Not to outdo itself with Failed attempts at public transportation via Musk’s Boring Company Las Vegas Tunnel SystemIt was also mentioned by Tesla intend To create a Tesla Network taxi service, using both company-owned and user-owned vehicles to transport passengers.

As much as people are speculating we could see a human-sized robot prototype run Friday to get ready for the set production schedule for 2023, Musk is a man built to miss deadlines, as evidenced by the much-anticipated Cybertruck.

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