Hooks and earworms: What makes pop songs so catchy?

abstract: Researchers are exploring why sure songs are always caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the tenet of recent in style music.

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“Hey, I simply met you, and it is loopy…however that is my quantity, so name me, possibly.”

These smart and catchy lyrics are Canadian singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen’s lyrics from her 2012 track “Name Me Possibly.” The track topped music charts everywhere in the world, together with in the US, Canada, and Australia.

However what made this track so in style? Why, 10 years later, is he nonetheless so memorable? What makes any track stand out and straightforward to recollect?

These questions are simply a few of the many explored in “Hooks in Well-liked Music” (Palgrave McMillan 2022) – a brand new guide co-authored by College of Wollongong (UOW) researcher Dr. Timothy Byron and Dr. Jade O’Regan (Sydney Music Conservatorium).

It’s the first book-length examine of hooks in in style music that makes an attempt to elucidate why sure songs get caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the tenet of recent in style music.

Dr Byron of the College of Wollongong’s Faculty of Psychology stated the guide defines a hook as a musical second or phrase that stands out and is well remembered. These are the components of songs more than likely to finish up as “earworms,” ​​the weather of songs that get caught in our heads.

“Hooks are deeply private – what’s a devastatingly impactful hook for one individual, could slip proper in entrance of one other unnoticed,” Dr. Byron stated.

“The hooks generally is a beat, or a timbre, or a melody, and it isn’t one thing added on prime, it is actually the defining texture of pop music.

“It is not that different genres do not use hooks, you see hooks in rock, however for pop music itself, we predict it is the core of what makes it stand out.”

The guide supplies a variety of examples of hooks in in style songs from the previous 30 years, together with the catchy refrain of Kylie Minogue’s 2001 track “Cannot Get You Out Of My Head”, 1997’s Third Eye Blind “Semi Charmed Life” and the 2022 track The Unforgettable “As It Was” by Harry Kinds.

Dr. Byron stated hooks are necessary to trendy pop music as a result of artists need their songs to face out.

“It has been stated on the radio that if folks hear a track they do not know, they will wait about seven seconds earlier than altering the station and it is in all probability the identical for contemporary broadcast companies,” stated Dr Byron.

“Pop songs need to have a fast impression and to face out in entrance of the listener, they need to have an effect.

Dr. Byron provides that the hook idea just isn’t new.

“By means of our analysis we’ve discovered that the time period hook is used to confer with a subsection of a remarkably in style piece of music that has occurred since at the very least the Nineteen Sixties.”

The authors are each musicians however had completely different motivations for writing the guide. Dr. Byron’s experience lies within the psychology of music, significantly the way in which music interacts with reminiscence. Whereas Dr. O’Regan focuses on educating music on the Sydney Conservatory of Music.

“I am very within the psychology of what makes a track particular and why some songs are simpler to recollect and I wished to discover that on this guide,” stated Dr. Byron.

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“For me as a psychologist it is fascinating to recollect one thing as a result of there are such a lot of issues we do not bear in mind in any respect. We hardly bear in mind what we did every week in the past, so for folks to recollect something in any respect there needs to be one thing particular about it..

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It’s the first book-length examine of hooks in in style music that makes an attempt to elucidate why sure songs get caught in our heads and why these “hooks” are the tenet of recent in style music. The picture is within the public area

“If a track will get our consideration, if there is a track that we bear in mind, it means it is doing one thing proper and it is nearly tapping into the main points of how our reminiscence and a focus work.”

For Dr. O’Regan, the impetus for the guide got here from her academic background and expertise.

“I educate modern music and plenty of of my college students are authors, producers, and artists, and we frequently discuss in school in regards to the concept of ​​ear sweet,” stated Dr. O’Regan.

“College students had been asking me the place they might go to be taught extra about these ideas, and I noticed there was actually nowhere I might ship them.

“After which I noticed we actually wanted to put in writing one thing.”

The top end result was a 459-page on-line textbook masking all the things from the psychology of reminiscence to the function of learning hooks in in style musicology.

“Hooks in Well-liked Music” is a complete work that fills a niche within the literature that discusses the significance of what makes a track catchy and, as Alanis Morissette memorably put it in 1995, it is the sort of factor you “ought to know.”

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