Jim Laranaga confident 2022-23 hurricanes will be ‘cool’

The Miami Hurricanes performed their first official practice session for the upcoming 2022-23 season on Monday after their first-ever Elite Eight appearance in the NCAA Championship.

The main leaders are gone, but six newcomers are looking forward to helping fill the void and the head coach Jim Laranaga I am confident that the next season will be successful.

Whether or not they will apply the small-ball lineup that helped them achieve success during last year’s 26-11 campaign remains to be seen for this year’s team, which begins with an exhibition match against the IUP on October 30 before November 7. Season opener against Lafayette.

“That’s a very good question that I can’t answer yet,” Laranaga said on the College Hoops Today Podcast with Jon Ronstein before pre-season practices. “We are looking at our staff to determine what is best for us.” You have to remember knowing this was very difficult on the selection committee, in November we lost twice to Dayton and Alabama at 32, who would have said the team was destined for the Elite Eight at the time? But that tournament that we gave was the information we needed to make adjustments and our players understood that we had to do some things differently. With that we made the adjustments and the guys played great. We haven’t gotten there yet. I don’t know how long it will take us to get there, but I’m very confident this will be another great team for the Miami Hurricanes.”

Larranaga is entering his twelfth season in Miami and is very excited about the trip back to the Final Four after taking George Mason there in 2006.

“It’s burning even deeper now,” Laranaga said. “No question in my mind. When my crew and I arrived at the University of Miami in 2011 our dream was to win the National Championship. We saw what our soccer program had achieved, five National Championships, what our baseball program had done, four National Championships, and we thought, ‘There is no reason Our men’s basketball program prevents us from winning one of those championships. “We came close last year, we got six goals to start the second half against Kansas and we couldn’t take it out. Hopefully this next year or two we’ll have a chance to play for the national title.”

The most notable newcomer for the Hurricanes, who ranked 29th in the pre-season edition of the Rothstein 45, is the transfer point guard. Nigel Buck From Kansas and striker / center Norshad Amir From Arkansas State, where they both earned high accolades last year with Buck as an all-time first 12 team pick, Omer was named Sunbelt Player of the Year.

The Pack is making the move to guard point after averaging 17.4 points when shooting 45.5 percent to wild cats last year.

“I think the transition would really be for Nigel,” said Laranaga. “He should learn more about being a starting goalkeeper and quarterback. He’s a great shooter, and he played two guards at Kansas State, but we expect him to play a much bigger role in the ball handling and decision-making role this year. But he’s not the only guy we have.” Bensley Joseph It is a notable guard post as well. He’s got a lot of experience now that he’s played a lot in his first year, and between the two we feel very competitive in the point guard position.”

Omier will also go through a transition period after averaging 17.9 points and 12.2 rebounds last season.

Norshad Amir He is 6-7, 246 pounds with a 40-inch upright. “I think it’s going to have a huge impact,” Laranaga said. “The question would be what would be the best position for us? Is it 5 men, is it 4 men, can he play on the ocean and shoot 3? We’re kind of learning his game now, he’s had some amazing great training, but this level is a lot different About where he came from. Arkansas State had a good basketball team, he was Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the Year, but the question would be can he do it at the same scale at the ACC national level?”

Transfers have led the Hurricanes through their three teams to advance to at least the Sweet 16 under Larranaga in 2013, 2016 and 2022.

“The 2013 and 2016 teams had the transitions of seniors and the experience they needed because they also had the skills that came during their first few years of college,” said Laranaga. “They are getting stronger and wiser. I hope this team will be the same. Last season, Jordan Miller and Charlie MooreShe’s been fantastic in our starting lineup all season. Now we have Nigel Buck And the Norshad Amir. I think both of them will have a huge impact on our season.”

Freshmen Christian Watson, AJ CaseyAnd the Danilo Jovanovic And the Saleh Air Also join the list as Hurricanes look to replace starters Cameron McGusteyAnd the Charlie Moore And the Sam Wardenburg Together with reserves deng jack And the Rodney Miller.

Protect Isaiah Wong, who scored more than 1,200 points in his first three seasons, is one of two key players returning for the Hurricanes alongside striker Jordan Miller, who averaged 10.0 points per game in his first season at Coral Gables last season. Wong was the subject of national attention in the summer due to his frustration with his NIL deal compared to the Pack deal.

“I and my coaching staff have nothing to do with the non-aligned negotiations,” Laranaga said. We didn’t know what was going on. The guy who masterminded it, it was all about his work and creating interest for his company. Isaiah Wong He called me right after I hit the airways he was thinking of moving and said, ‘Coach, none of this is true. Either I go to the NBA or I go back to Miami. I didn’t think to put my name in the gate. I will come back here next year if I don’t get recruited. And I knew it. He had no intention of transferring, it was just social media that was created.”

Falling to the heroes

Miami led 35-29 at halftime over Kansas in the Elite Eight before the Jayhawks raced to a 26-point win.

“Maybe it’s number one (an opponent’s best performance in the half),” Laranaga said. “The way Kansas came out with such a vengeance, his defensive intensity made it very difficult for us to score and their ability to run on the ground, he’s top level. We’ve played against the Duke and North Carolina and they are two great running teams, Michigan State is a great running team, but I thought Kansas runs a great running team. The floor is better than anyone I’ve coached against during his 51-year coaching career.”

With that said, Larranaga was very pleased with the team’s success during the season.

“We were thrilled with the way our team performed,” said Laranaga. “When I took a look at our pre-season team, we were picked 12th and ended up fourth in the ACC, but we played our best basketball at the end of the season and played really well in the NCAA. We were ahead in the first half even against Kansas, but we didn’t. We’re playing a strong second half. Kansas deserved to win and win the National Championship. But I’m very proud and happy with the work my team has done.”

LARRANAGA . extension

Laranaga, 72, signed a two-year extension in the summer that will keep him in Miami until the 2025-26 season.

“I’m trying to catch Cliff Ellis And the Jim Boehme“These are my role models,” said Laranaga, the school’s all-time leader. “They continue to do a great job in the coaching ranks. Cliff Ellis She has over 800 wins in training, Boeheim over 1,000, these guys are some of my friends that I climbed with. They are still going and I feel good and healthy. I enjoy my team a lot and I enjoy training in Miami, so I currently have a four-year contract and I hope to play it.”

Christopher Stock has covered the Miami Hurricanes since 2003 and can be reached by email at stock@insidetheu.com And on Twitter Tweet embed.

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