Jonathan Van Ness and Anthony Borowski Kollab received a backlash

For context, earlier this week both Anthony and JVN started posting on social media about becoming ‘partners’ – with Anthony writing, “Some personal news ❤️ After years of joking about it, we’re finally together. More tomorrow.”

JVN added on their Instagram: “We’re finally together ❤️ Details tomorrow, but know that we are very happy and feel supported by the people around us.”

Even JVN and Antoni’s joint Jokes Couples account posted, “And I guess it all started as a joke. I’m happy to report that we’re finally together as partners – actually this time 🙂 More tomorrow.”

While there was some surprise raised as to whether the partnership was as romantic as implied, any speculations were confirmed when JVN and Antoni posted the uncut versions of the photos — revealing they were promotional images for their new mixed-use pet-meal company, Ms.

Of the jump, JVN added in the comments, “I hope you’re not too sad that we were smart l’ bebes to announce this kid we’ve been working on for years now!”

antonijvnYummerspets Who knew gay-hunting was such a good marketing ploy! It’s important to remember that rainbow capitalism isn’t just for brands and straights.

Twitter: @kykrebs

and others with real distress:

antonijvnYummerspets I’m really angry about this. You provoked a lot of people who were very happy for you and wished you well.

Twitter: @NickBGiles

When negative responses started to surface, they responded to a now-deleted comment by saying: “[We] She wanted to create some fun, splashed noise around him. I’m happily married and I think most people will get the joke.”

They also tweeted, “Seeing people get angry at two gay people pranking to launch a business are the same critics who have nothing to say about queer issues affecting gay people. No less illicit bills, Dobbs coup, and the threat to marriage equality.” …but yeah get crazy about pet food.”

Seeing Folks angry at two gay people pranking to launch a business are the same critics who have nothing to say about queer issues affecting gay people. Don’t say the trans bills, the Dobbs coup, the threat to marriage equality…but yeah get crazy about pet food. 🙃

Twitter: @jvn

Which prompted further discussion:

jvn This post here is worse than the awful stereotype joke you used to grab the headlines to promote your business so you can make money. But sure, throw the passing bills here so you can look altruistic

Twitter: @nikostratis

jvn you 2 When you get richer than a brand deal it doesn’t affect those bills or gay people’s lives they actually affect at all and neither are you politicians queen so don’t try to give a sign of virtue as if you’re adding anything to the world other than content backed

Twitter: @beaniedebussy

jvn It’s not that deep, the joke wasn’t funny and gay people are just a tougher audience than the target audience of moms being targeted by the usual weird stuff. Which is okay? Get your money back, but don’t whine when things go wrong with us.

Twitter: @thesarahyork

Anthony has not responded yet.

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