Judge, Pujols is close to running milestones at home

Aaron Judge and Albert Pujols could make this week a milestone in running at home.

The judge arrived two more times on Sunday, bringing his season’s total to 59, a number that is way behind Roger Maris’ MLS number. Now the hitter returns to Yankee Stadium, where New York will play its next six games. In the meantime, Pujols is fairly close to Homer’s 700 mark having scored 12 since the start of August.

The judge’s pursuit of Maris sparked controversy over how to put this AL record in context, should it be broken. Barry Bonds’ major league record of 73 is unlikely to threaten, but that mark, along with the exploits of Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa around the same time, is complicated by suspicions of performance-enhancing drugs.

There is one way Judge is likely to beat both Bonds and Maris, no matter how many other teammates he beats. At the moment, he has an amazing 20-year lead over Kyle Schwarber, who is ranked second in the top spot. No one has led baseball in their teammates by at least 20 since Babe Ruth finished 54th in 1928 and no one else has had more than 31 players.

Maris led the bigs by just seven when he reached 61, and the Bonds topped nine when he reached 73.

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