Kirk Cousins ​​puts everyone in purgatory

Kirk Cousins ​​in prime time seems to be an advantage for the other team. The other team, the Eagles, seems to be an advantage for Kirk Cousins. something to give him.

Kirk Cousins ​​is a QB cleanser for everyone

In the national televised spotlight, Kirk Cousins ​​struggles. Since becoming a full-time starter in 2015 the Cousins, or rather the Cousin teams, have been 8-16 on Sunday nights, Mondays or Thursdays, including nine straight games on Monday nights. The passer’s worst rating of his career was the Night Games, and in his three playoffs, he only earned 3 points and was sacked 14 times. It’s unfair to blame QB alone for the team’s record, but across two franchises, Kirk Cousins ​​has one winning season of nine and ten, two winning seasons seven, three winning seasons and eight. His teams are never good enough with him and he’s been behind in the big games, but they’re also not bad enough to overpower him and replace him. It is 60-59-2 for a start. By the end of next season, he will have made over $230 million. Kirk Cousins ​​is the embodiment of QB Purgatory.

But he plays with the Eagles, against which he was successful. He’s 6-3 against them, and 21 TDs and 2,756 yards are his most against any franchise (and five other teams have played as much or more as the Eagles). If his entire career was played against the Eagles, he would have the second-best passer rating in NFL history. If he played an entire season against them, he’d have 40 TDs and 5,200 yards, which are MVP numbers.

The Eagles aren’t alone in the fight against him, his cousin’s record against divisional opponents past, present and future is quite Kirk Cousins: great record, bad record, and everything in between, and of course he sets some numbers.

Kirk Cousins ​​vs the band’s opponents

Team register yards / c TD Intelligence evaluation
Team register yards / c TD Intelligence evaluation
DA 2-8 263.7 18 5 101.6
NYG 4-5 259.2 10 14 73.5
PH 6-3 306.2 21 6 104.9
chi 5-4 233 14 6 94.8
DET 7-2 282 19 2 119.9
GB 5-3-1 281.2 20 5 111.3

But there is hope! The Eagles 4-2 after losing to Kirk Cousins. The rest of the leagues 20-28 after a loss or a tie. Eagles fans aren’t alone on Sundays ruined by Kurt’s light-up coupons, he puts every team in purgatory.

At least if it happens this week, you can go to sleep right away and when you wake up feeling good about your next match.

Rust doesn’t actually sleep

If you want to prove that a relaxed pre-season starter leads to a rusty team to start the regular season, there’s little more than anecdotal evidence for that claim.

‘Comfort’ teams are now 7-13 in the editorials in 2021-2022, 4-10 when eliminating head-to-head confrontationswith many of the playoff contestants (as well as the Hawks) exploding.

This does not include the vultures, who are not fully relaxed for beginners. But the Eagles hardly missed, after their opening possession in pre-season, not every key player in attack and defense played again until the regular season began. The first team attack played 8 shots, the first team defense played 5. Better than nothing is still close to nothing.

They looked the same to the teams that initially did not play at all. The offensive line looked like it hadn’t quite woken up, which makes sense when you remember that he went through most of pre-season without Jason Kelsey. The defense looked disorganized, which makes sense when you remember that out of the 15 players who played more than 20 shots, there are 5 new players in the team, one of them has not played since the third week of last year, and the other who played 100% of the shots did not. beginning of last year. Jonathan Gannon deserves a lot of criticism, but he also works with a lot of change that has no real experience playing with each other. And yes, they have common practices with Brown And the dolphinsbut everyone does it now, and has been doing it for years.

Two of the teams that took a break at the start last year and lost in the first week were Packers and the Titans, who finished the season with the top seed. It is a long season.

Statistics for the week that might only interest me

Devonta Smith vs Detroit 2022: 4 goals no receptions, 0 yards

Devonta Smith vs Detroit 2021: 3 goals 1 receiving, 15 yards

Trapped around that game last year, Smith had 5 catches for 61 yards and 5 catches for 116 yards.

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