NFL Picks Week 5 Seattle Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals and Rams

Leaves are turning and starting to fall in most parts of the country, which means football season is in full swing. to me Seattle Seahawks And for the NFC West, week five could be an opportunity to move forward in a tight division, although given how poorly the division has performed so far this year, it could be seen as an opportunity to avoid being left behind. No matter how one would like to watch the games in the first weekend of October, the truth is that there can be a lot of riding on the results of these games at the start of the season, even though a lot of games may not have any A relationship NFC West teams play in games.

Seattle Seahawks in New Orleans Saints – Over/Under 45 – 10:00 AM PT on FOX

The Seahawks come into this game with a chance to grab the top spot in the NFC West, at least for a few hours until the rest of the division plays in the late slot. On the other side of the field, the Saints enter the game in last place, judging by their tiebreak percentage win, and with a loss they can drop to last place in the entire NFC. So while the Hawks have weathered a franchise loss, and Russell Wilson is better than New Orleans who handled the departure of coach Sean Payton for so long, the Saints are likely to come out in order to avoid finishing Week 5 behind Matt Rowley. Drove Carolina Panthers.

As for the field games, the big key will be figuring out how the New Orleans defense is capable of facing off against the likes of Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalfe, and working to slow this duo whether they can also grab Seattle tight ends out of the game. The Seahawks’ offensive has worked so far in 2022 as have Will Dissly, Noah Fant and Colby Parkinson. When this trio produces, the offense moves the ball and places points on the board. When the defenses managed to take these three out of the game, things were ugly. It’s going to be a major match to watch, and we expect the Saints to be better able to slow them down than the Lions, so take your under.

Pick: Under 45, with the Saints winning straight, but failing to cover the difference.

San Francisco 49ers At Carolina Panthers – Over/Under 39.5 – 1:05pm Pacific on FOX

There is no need to beat around the bush in this, cheetahs are bad. Their coach was bad. Their offensive coordinator was bad. The midfielder they traded was bad. They traded for this quarterback because the quarterback they traded last season was bad. It’s a disaster in Carolina, and the Niners must be able to achieve victory. However, the Niners are the Niners and if there is a team that can find a way for the Niner in this game, it is the Niners.

Selection: Over 39.5 points, with Niners winning and coverage

Cowboys in Dallas in Los Angeles Rams – over/below 42 to 1:25pm PST on FOX

It’s no secret that the Los Angeles Rams have struggled so far this season. Between Matthew Stafford’s elbow issue that wasn’t an issue last year but clearly bothered him, the Rams’ offense wasn’t the same. Add a receiving legion that was expected to include the real Allen Robinson, when in reality the team appears to have simply grabbed someone from the stands and put them in Robinson’s shirt while hoping he didn’t notice the opposing defenses. Robinson has collected a whopping 95 yards in nine receptions so far this season, while Van Jefferson (802 yards on 50 hits with 6 touchdowns in 2021) didn’t fit in following surgery in August for a knee injury he suffered while camping.

If the Rams are hoping to start their offensive again, they will need those weapons in the field and production, but for now they need to rely on their defense which at times hasn’t been so good for the task so far, as Deebo Samuel pointed out earlier this week in a clip video.

On the flip side, the Cowboys enter the game with a backup quarterback, a recipe that most teams lose when they don’t face the Seahawks. Don’t tell us how Cooper Rush will face the L.A. defense, but this is the rare occasion of rooting for Dallas. Just a random trivia for those who care, this is the only NFC West Week 5 game that doesn’t feature a former quarterback’s number one pick with the former quarterback’s second-round pick for the opponent.

Choice: Over 42 points, with Ramez winning but failing to cover

Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona Cardinals – Over/Under: 48.5 – 1:25 p.m. Pacific on FOX

This is not difficult to make a decision. The Cardinal is simply missing a lot of weapons, while the Eagles have quietly put together a very strong roster, and they should remain the only undefeated team in the league. Philly will be able to do so as the quarterback (6’1″) is too young to handle his team’s attack better than the quarterback (5’1″) from Arizona.

Choice: Over 48.5 points, with the Eagles winning

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