Nick Bosa says San Francisco 49ers defense has the people to be ‘the best in the league’

Santa Clara, CA – Like it didn’t when given a clear path to rival quarterback, San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bossa He didn’t hesitate on Monday night when asked about this Niners’ defense cap.

“I think he’s the best in the league,” Bosa said. “That’s kind of our mentality every year, and this year we have the people to do it. Not that we haven’t done it in the past, just all three levels are elite players.”

Given what the Niners’ defense did for NFC West rival, the Los Angeles Rams in Monday night’s 24-9 win – on top of what he accomplished during the first four weeks of the season – Bussa’s faith is backed by plenty of evidence.

The Niners won seven straight regular season games against the Rams, despite losing the two teams’ most important competition in the NFC Championship game in January. It’s the longest winning streak against the Rams since they won 17 consecutive games in the regular season from 1990 to 1998.

Against these rams, who entered a devastating internal attack line and became increasingly dependent on the receiver cooper cup, the Niners weren’t quite convinced. But they came close.

The Rams reached the red zone three times but settled on a field goal on every trip and for the first time in a quarterback Matthew StaffordStarting at 25 since arriving in Los Angeles in 2021, the Rams has not scored an offensive touchdown.

Bossa and his teammates were around Stafford most of the match, coming in 17 pressures (the second biggest since Stafford became a Rammer) and sending him off seven times. Bossa has two bags and nine pressures, leading the league in both categories with six and 23, respectively.

The Rams managed only 257 yards of attack and averaged 3.5 yards per game. Even in a match that was one score away for most of the night, the Niners’ attack felt the defense was always under control.

“Honestly there was a point, I think it was 14-9, and it’s not that we relaxed in attack – but you feel confident in the players in defence,” Jimmy Garoppolo He said. “These guys, I don’t watch a lot of them, but the pair play like I see it, it’s a hell of a quarterback. I love having them by my side, and hate facing them in practice, but it makes us better so it’s a good group out there. They are strong.”

To put the finishing touches on the night’s performance, the San Francisco defense was finally able to also generate some takeaway. Last week, Bossa and linebacker Fred Warner He lamented the lack of turnovers (the Niners had one total on two losses) and said this would be the next step for the defense to make the leap from good to great.

Emerging safety in the second year Talanoa Huvanga He delivered one of those just in time, getting a screen pass for Stafford and returning it 52 yards for the touchdown with 6:27 to go to extend San Francisco’s lead.

This was the Niners’ fourth pick in their last six regular season meetings with the Rams, as they have had at least one in each of the past four seasons.

“That was the difference,” Warner said. “It was a tough game the whole time, we played decent defense and kept them out of the end zone, but we knew that in order to win the game we had to get the ball and we did it.”

Appropriately and defensively Samson Abukam He put the match away with 1:58 to play with the team’s seventh sack, forcing Stafford to falter as a defensive end Keri Hyder Jr. recovered.

And while Monday’s performance may have been the most complete for the Niners’ defense, it was the latest in a string of dominant performances. During four weeks, San Francisco ranked first in the NFL in points allowed per game (11.5), yards per game (234.5, tied with Buffalo), bags per drop (10%) and yards per game (3.81), among other categories. .

All for a group expecting a free security start Jimmy Ward To come back from a hamstring injury this week and have a corner back Jason Ferret Will soon return from a knee injury.

“I don’t think they’ve lost 20 points in a game so far this year,” tight end George Keitel He said. “This means that as long as we get 21 points per game, we will win some football matches. We just have to put the points on the board and stick to football.”

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