Govt prepares to scrap ‘Brexit bonus’ for farmers | Agriculture

The government will cancel the ‘Brexit Bonus’ that it would have received Paid for farmers and landowners to promote natureIn what wildlife groups call a “mass attack” on the environment, observer can reveal. Instead, Defra sources revealed, they are considering paying landowners a set annual amount for each acre of land they own, which would … Read more

Scientists trace high-energy particles to the sun’s plasma

Scientists may have discovered when and how the high-energy particles that bombard the Earth and other objects emerge from violent environments like sun atmosphere. These high-energy particles pose a threat to sensitive satellite technology And astronauts, and can even affect aircraft flying over the North Pole. Although researchers have been studying these particles for decades, … Read more

Danger, revolution and preventive medicine

Almost all dogs are the same, right? All cats are just little dogs, right? Wrong – wrong – wronged! Of course, every veterinarian understands that each patient is special to its owner and unique as an organism, but do individual patients really need individualized care? Furthermore, is the veterinary profession at a point where true … Read more

Fish, wildlife and drought |

MassWildlife has received questions about how fish and wildlife are responding to current drought conditions. It’s important to remember that New England’s fish and wildlife have adapted to the vagaries of weather, including harsh winters and droughts. However, extended drought conditions can have the most direct and severe impacts on fish communities and fish habitats. … Read more

Mark Edward Thoman, MD – Examiner

Mark Edward Thoman was born on February 15, 1936, in Chicago, Illinois, and slept in the Lord on Thursday, September 15, 2022, in Tucson, Arizona. Mark was born the son of Greek immigrant Tasula of Trakis Thoman, Texas. Artist John Charles Thoman. Mark grew up in Chicago, Illinois until the age of nine, then the … Read more