The European Union wants to hold companies responsible for the damage caused by AI – Politico

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new Grammar That would see makers of software and AI-powered products forced to compensate people affected by their creativity. A new AI liability directive would make it easier to sue for compensation when a person or organization is harmed or harmed by drones and AI-powered robots or by … Read more

Inevitably biased visual AI risk management

Scientists have always worked on developing machines Trying to imitate the human brain. Just as humans are subjected to systemic injustice, so are machines learn Human-like stereotypes and cultural norms from social and cultural statements, gaining prejudices and associations in the process. our research It shows that bias is not only reflected in language patterns, … Read more

MIT report investigates the impact of deep learning on cybersecurity

A new report from MIT and Deep Instinct seeks to dispel confusion in the cybersecurity market. … [+] Between artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. GT There are a lot of buzzwords in the world of cybersecurity marketing. When an emerging concept hits a certain viral tipping point, it seems like all of the … Read more

PACSman Certifications: Webinars, bobbleheads, and AI

PACSman man, Mike Canavu. Oftentimes, though, especially with panel discussions on artificial intelligence, I feel like I’m following a car with a mottled roof in the rear window, as everyone nodded their heads up and down in agreement with what one presenter or another was saying while the discussion was usually done. Very little substance. … Read more

“Think of foundational AI models as much more than that.”

New Delhi As Vice President of IBM Research AI, Sriram Raghavan heads the US company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Laboratories. Until recently, he was the director of the IBM Research Lab in India and the Research Center in Singapore. In an interview, he shared IBM’s AI strategy, his thoughts on how to look for return … Read more