Former OneTaste teacher slams lawsuit for trying to stop release of Netflix documentary Orgasm Inc

former member of One Test He says a recent lawsuit trying to stop the release of a Netflix documentary about the ‘Orgasm Meditation’ group may be nothing more than an attempt to silence its victims, some of whom He accused the company of operating like a cult. Attorney Paul Nicholas Boylan filed the lawsuit against … Read more

I Love You, You Hate Me reveals Barney’s dark side, from tantric sex to attempted murder

Hating Barney was, and still is, too easy I love you you hate me– New two-part documentary series on Peacock (October 12th) on the famous purple dinosaur – it blue guides Host Steve Burns Who deservedly diagnoses our motive to hate the character. In his view, humans innately enjoy ripping apart things that cannot be … Read more

“11 Minutes” is the scariest – and frustrating – docuseries of the year

In terms of pure empirical terror, 11 minutes He has a few non-fiction equalizers, using a combination of mobile phone videos and a body camera to put viewers right in the middle mass shooting At the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. 58 people were killed that evening … Read more