Ukrainian engineers are scrambling to keep cell phones working

Kyiv, Ukraine – with Ukraine In an effort to keep lines of communication open during the war, an army of engineers has mobilized from the country’s phone companies to help the public and policymakers stay connected during frequent Russian missile and drone strikes. Often invisible and unknown in peacetime, engineers often work around the clock … Read more

An Israeli tanker was hit by a drone. Iran releases two Greek tankers

Dubai United Arab Emirates — An oil tanker linked to an Israeli billionaire was hit by a drone carrying bombs off the coast of Oman, officials said Wednesday, amid escalating tensions with Iran. while, Greece Iran said Iran had released two Greek oil tankers that Tehran had held since May. A defense official in the … Read more

Iran denies supplying Russia with weapons for use in Ukraine

CNN – Iran denied supplying Russia with weapons for its use UkraineShe said, “You never will.” The denial came in a phone call between Iran’s foreign minister and his Portuguese counterpart on Friday, following allegations from Kyiv and US intelligence that Russia is using an Iranian-made industry. “Kamikaze Drones” in its attacks on Ukrainian territory. … Read more

The European Union wants to hold companies responsible for the damage caused by AI – Politico

The European Commission on Wednesday proposed a new Grammar That would see makers of software and AI-powered products forced to compensate people affected by their creativity. A new AI liability directive would make it easier to sue for compensation when a person or organization is harmed or harmed by drones and AI-powered robots or by … Read more