Backlog of migration: report highlights importance of wildlife corridors |

Hoofs, such as these spiny horns approaching the Pinedale Anticline natural gas field in the upper Green River Basin, Wyoming, are increasingly confronting oil rigs and other energy development activities in their habitat. Joe Reese, Yellowstone Migrations Deer, elk and hornbills in the western United States can travel long distances across rugged country every spring … Read more

Don’t Catch Small Wild Animals: Leave Wildlife Wild

May 19, 2022 Click on the image to enlarge it Salem, Rekaz. – Young wild animals are rarely orphaned, so leave them where you find them. The advice you’ll likely hear if you bring a small wild animal home is to “bring it back,” and you may receive a warning or quote from the Oregon … Read more

Fishing lines and hooks are dangerous to wildlife | lifestyles

We all enjoy seeing our beautiful flocks of shorebirds pick up delicious bits from the water’s edge. We often stopped watching a brown pelican diving for food at high speed, breaking the surface of the water, scooping up a fish without breaking its neck. However, there is another aspect to this wonderful and beautiful spectacle, … Read more