A new family of adenoviral vectors has been found to be better at delivering genetic cargo

Gene therapies can treat and potentially even cure some genetic diseases, but it’s difficult to get therapies to the parts of the body that need them. The researchers engineered viruses called adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) to carry cargo-; Like a working copy of the gene -; to specific cells and organs, but they do not always … Read more

The study says that the ground plan of the butterfly wing pattern is manipulated by regulatory non-coding DNA

Butterfly wing patterns have a basic plan to them, which is manipulated by non-coding regulatory DNA to create the diversity of wings that can be seen in different species, according to new research. The study, “Deep cis organizational symmetry of the butterfly wing pattern floor plan,” published as a cover story in the October 21 … Read more

Bioinformatic analysis of monkeypox virus host cell interactions

Although monkeypox virus infection is found predominantly in West and Central Africa, since May 2022 this double-stranded DNA virus has been reported in several countries outside Africa. Similar to the smallpox virus, monkeypox virus also belongs to the orthopoxvirus family and is less severe. The World Health Organization recently declared the global outbreak of monkeypox … Read more

Medical column: Genetic testing for breast cancer: Knowing your risks | column book

While most cancers occur by chance, about five to ten percent of cases are hereditary. Hereditary cancers are caused by a harmful variant in a gene that runs in families and can be passed from parents to children, causing an increased risk of cancer. If you have a strong family history of cancer, talk to … Read more

The witch from Mercury can give us an eccentric hero

screenshot: Cruncyroll you are welcome in future Gundammy friends: we have robot schoolwe have giant corporate politics, we have girls defend each other’s honor by engaging in giant mecha duels for the right to be wives. This weekend saw the debut of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of MercuryThe First main entry In the legendary … Read more

A cancer-causing gene regulates the genetic variation of prostate cancer: a study | health

A group of researchers has discovered a new role for a cancer-causing gene in controlling an important genetic process that underpins genetic variation in Prostate cancer. Research led by the Barts Cancer Institute (BCI) at Queen Mary University of London, the Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine, and the University of Milan. The findings, published in … Read more