What is the housing market price correction? | Real estate

As a homeowner or potential homeowner, news housing market Circumstances can make you feel stressful—especially when you haven’t tolerated them in the past. But not all terms are as complicated as they may sound, or intimidating to you as a homeowner. While a home price correction or housing market correction describes a drop in home … Read more

Here are the industries that added the most jobs in October – and the industries that lagged behind

The Labor Department reported on Friday that the US economy gained 261,000 jobs in October. The latest figure is slightly lower than in September but still well above economists’ expectations of a 190,000 job gain. Despite rising inflation, rising interest rates, slowing economic growth and deepening concern about a recession in 2023, the resilient US … Read more

Autumn housing market prospects | money

The housing market has a little Jekyll-Mr. Hyde moment. On the other hand, buyers are finally getting some relief from the very high prices and super selling speeds over the past couple of years. On the other hand, Mortgage rates Rise – reduce affordability and keep potential sellers on margin. The result is a better … Read more

Home Price Correction Intensifies – What to Expect from the US Housing Market in 2023

This, of course, is what we see now. Despite favorable demographics and limited inventory levels, affordability is under pressure –Mortgage rates rise Coupled with rising house prices – I started driving home prices down. In fact, this week we learned that home prices in the United States are measured by Case-Shiller home price index in … Read more