Investors are ready to invest in Indian climate startups

Recently, the solar yard was raised R100 crore as part of its Series A financing, on the back of A R30 crore round three months ago. This might be a tech startup story, except for the fact that Solar took 7 years of operations to reach this milestone. This is the case for climate startups. … Read more

The Big Read: Defying the skeptics, S’pore built a thriving startup scene in the span of a decade. Could you take the next step?

Did S’Pore’s efforts pay off? Joongshik Wang, President of ASEAN at EY-Parthenon, the global strategic advisory arm of EY. However, experts interviewed by TODAY offered differing opinions on what they felt were the most important success criteria for a startup ecosystem, and how Singapore performed based on these factors. Ku Kay Mok, Senior Partner at … Read more

Confessions of a Personal Finance Reporter (Part Two): 3 Financial Mistakes

Sarah O’Brien works hard and writes about personal finance. Salvatore Agostino One of the best benefits of being a personal financial reporter is my keen ability to recognize many of the financial mistakes I’ve made in my life. I have already revealed Few in the first iteration of this confession two years ago. While some … Read more

3 types of “no” every entrepreneur should learn (and how to overcome rejection)

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. rejection It can be powerful. The word “no” serves a special purpose in Business especially in leading businesses. Every founder and innovator has heard it, perhaps thousands of times. if close to right mindset‘No’ can be a guiding force to move a business forward. A “no” can help … Read more