Biden has arrived in London for a two-day visit to honor the Queen

CNN – President Joe Biden arrived in London late Saturday for a two-day visit in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, the country’s longtime monarch who he says has “defined an era”. Biden joins leaders from dozens of other countries to pay their respects to the late king, whom he met last year and then announced … Read more

“My Son Hunter” is not the Hunter Biden movie we need, or the movie we deserve

The first time we glimpsed the titular hero of “My Son Hunter,” a chaotic, low-budget movie launched by conservative website Breitbart last week, was seen entering a Los Angeles nightclub (the movie, in fact, was in Serbia, sort of lo. Los Minds.) Pictured from behind in which dynasties look like a single take, like the … Read more

Janet Yellen ended a 50-year friendship with a ‘rabid Trump supporter’: book

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen cut ties with a close friend 50 years ago because she could no longer stand her “rabid” support for Donald Trump, according to a new book. Carol Schwartz-Greenwald, the first vice president of the Federal Reserve in Boston and an advisor to former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, was ostracized by her … Read more