The head of the Public Investment Fund wants to protect the books

While lawyers for LIV Golf try to shed light on the PGA Tour’s organizational structure and financial dealings as part of an antitrust lawsuit, the head of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has insisted it shouldn’t do the same, claiming “sovereign immunity.” According to a report issued by Bloomberg News, Governor of the Public Investment … Read more

Pat Perez says he has ‘hate’ for Phil Mickelson for his ‘unpardonable’ behaviour | Golf news and tour information

Six years old, Phil Mickelson and Pat Perez grew up just a few miles away in San Diego. They played the same golf courses in mini golf. They both went to Arizona, although they each have very different experiences there. They both made it to the PGA Tour and have been there for over 20 … Read more

LIV Golf’s problems aren’t limited to the incompetence of Greg Norman

A shark left to curl up on a dry surface hopelessly panting for water will only survive a few minutes, so there is at least one measure by which Greg Norman can be said to have exceeded expectations during his tenure as CEO of LIV Golf. The constant deluge of reports, rumors and speculation about … Read more

Peter Uihlein is “freer, happier” and richer since joining

DORALL, FL – Peter Oehlen has been grinding for over a decade on the PGA Tour when he decided to hook up with Greg Norman. Although he did not win, Uihlein was living very comfortably. But for the highly competitive professional athlete, the frustration has set in. “Actually, I wish I could play better,” Oehlen … Read more

Phil Mickelson on the PGA Tour for Rory McIlroy, Ryder Cup notes

Phil Mickelson didn’t want to “detract from what’s going on this week” at the LIV Golf’s Team Championship in Miami at the Trump National Doral, but it happened recently Rory McIlroy interview with the Guardian It was too juicy to avoid. At a press conference before the final season finale for the junior circuit, Mickelson … Read more

Notebook: Former PGA Tour Leader Enjoys $11 Million in Summer

Each week, Alex Miceli of SI Golf will empty his notebook with ideas from around the golf world. They seem to be in the golf hierarchy I forgot who determines what are major events and what events are just golf tournaments. For years, the PGA Tour has tried to convince the media and run its … Read more

Cut the line: LIV players realized that defection could take risks, and now they are deceiving themselves

cutting line: In this week’s edition, we applaud some much-needed clarity in the rankings debate with LIV Golf, celebrate fame and play golf’s newest superstar, and question Phil Mickelson’s attempt to light the gas. made cut Truth to power. Whatever the score between the golf world rankings and LIV Golf, the precarious position of those … Read more

Cameron Smith settles for life on LIV, but there is still a ‘heartbreaking’ concern | Golf news and tour information

After a few months of setting off on a rollercoaster, Cameron Smith can almost see the finish line in the 2022 Wildlife. The World Open ranked No. 2 champion has battled the expected reaction to leaving the PGA Tour at the height of his game for LIV Golf, where he already is. He won one … Read more

LIV Golf wreaking havoc on equipment deals

Cameron Smith celebrates after winning his 150th Open at St Andrews Old Stadium. (Photo: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports) Cameron Smith sexy Saves Rory McIlroy to win the 2022 British Open In July after Winning the Players Championship in March. The Australian had had a busy year, then jumped into LIV Golf after the Tour Championships … Read more