Wildlife agencies find ‘forever high chemicals’ in deer and fish

Article – Commodity Stock Images via Getty Images Portland, Maine (AP) – US wildlife agencies are finding elevated levels of a class of toxic chemicals in game animals such as deer – and this is prompting health guidance in some places where hunting and fishing are a lifestyle and a major part of the economy. … Read more

Russia vetoes a UN resolution on the annexation of Ukraine and China abstains from voting | war news between russia and ukraine

Russia used its veto in the United Nations Security Council to thwart a draft resolution that sought to condemn its annexation of Ukraine. But even Moscow’s two closest friends, China and India, chose to abstain rather than vote against the resolution condemning the Kremlin’s recent actions in Ukraine. The US ambassador to the United Nations, … Read more

The book is better | Globalism

Myrna Brown, host: Today is Friday, September 30th. Thank you for coming to WORLD Radio to help you start your day. good morning. I’m Myrna Brown. Nick Escher, Host: And I’m Nick Escher. Amazon Studios has a new movie based on the Newbery Honor classic, so families may be tempted to put it on hold … Read more

Success at the South Boston Speedway led Layne Riggs to go on and win the NASCAR Weekly National Series and track titles.

Winning the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series National Championship wasn’t among the goals Layne Riggs set for himself and his team in the 2022 season. That changed after the young rider from Bahama, North Carolina, won the first four races of the season at South Boston Speedway. With four straight wins, and with winning … Read more

Lavrov pledges to “fully protect” any annexed land | war news between russia and ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said regions of Ukraine where widely criticized referendums are being held would be under Moscow’s “full protection” if they were annexed, raising the possibility that nuclear weapons would be used if Kyiv tried to reclaim those territories. Lavrov’s remarks at a news conference in New York City on Saturday came … Read more

An internal struggle to reinvent ‘SNL’ as 8 cast members leave

Middle age is no joke. And as ‘Saturday Night Live’ celebrates its 50th birthday on the horizon – the show Season 48 premieres on October 1 – Some wonder if the years have caused huge losses. Seven of the main cast members left: Pete Davidson, Chris ReedKate McKinnon, Kyle Mooney, Eddie Bryant, Melissa Villasinor and … Read more

Goldman Sachs: Why European Natural Gas May Fall 50%

drawing by Elias Stein font size Here’s a challenge to conventional wisdom, courtesy of Goldman Sachs : Europe has “solved” the winter natural gas crisis, and prices could fall by half in the next six months. The cost of fuel soared, setting records in Europe last month, before Russia shut down the Nord Stream 1 … Read more

Seeing Queen Elizabeth’s coffin in Westminster Hall

With sunlight filtering through the stained-glass windows of Westminster Hall, I entered the iconic site that served as the backdrop to some of the world’s most historic events to pay my respects to Britain’s longest-reigning. Despite the noisy crowds outside this line on the streets of London, delaying waiting times After the 14 hour mark … Read more

Who is the Girlfriend of PnB Rock Rapper Stephanie Sibonhuang?

Rapper PnB Rock was recently shot dead after becoming a victim of theft in south Los Angeles. The accident happened at Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles. According to TMZ, the shooting was reported to law enforcement at 1:23 p.m., and video footage shared on social media shows that Rock is struggling to survive. The … Read more