Amazon’s AWS aims to reduce water usage in its data centers a company The cloud computing arm plans to reduce water consumption in global data centers as companies face increasing water scarcity around the world. Amazon Web Services said Monday it will return more water to communities by the end of this decade than its direct operations use. Its plan focuses on data centers in … Read more

Seven visions of how to reconcile the future of humanity through the design of the new augmented reality

By 2030, PWC estimates that 70% of global GDP growth will come from artificial intelligence, the edge, tens of billions of machines, computing, sensing, and real-time learning. How we as humans, billions of people, deal with those machines is a whole new world and how these machines, billions of them talk and work with each … Read more

Opinion: Mark Zuckerberg’s massive bet on virtual reality is about to meet actual reality, and it won’t be pretty

Mark Zuckerberg is targeting corporate users with Meta Platforms Inc’s expensive new virtual reality headset. Even if the Meta Quest Pro manages to attract remote workers, the timing couldn’t be worse. In a keynote speech at the META, -1.54% Annual Developers Conference Tuesday, Zuckerberg unveils its latest VR headset at a whopping $1,499It is scheduled … Read more

How to choose the best cloud computing software for your small business

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur Shareholders are theirs. SaaSAnd IaaS and PaaS are common cloud computing software We use it to create, build and store information via the cloud. This software helps us build, host and manage all the businesses on the Internet. There is hardly a single day that we do not interact with at … Read more