Russia vetoes a UN resolution on the annexation of Ukraine and China abstains from voting | war news between russia and ukraine

Russia used its veto in the United Nations Security Council to thwart a draft resolution that sought to condemn its annexation of Ukraine. But even Moscow’s two closest friends, China and India, chose to abstain rather than vote against the resolution condemning the Kremlin’s recent actions in Ukraine. The US ambassador to the United Nations, … Read more

Putin suffers Ukraine’s most humiliating defeat yet around the main city of Lyman in Donetsk

Moscow celebrated Annexation of large areas of eastern Ukraine Friday But President Vladimir Putin’s party was destroyed by a blitzkrieg counterattack that may have been trapped thousands of his men In a major city now assumed to be part of Russia. “This is the will of millions of people,” Putin said at a glamorous ceremony … Read more

Wall Street banks are preparing for China’s bleak scenarios for Taiwan

The heated rhetoric between Beijing and Washington over Taiwan has destabilized companies. Global financial firms, still agonizing over billions of dollars in losses in Russia, are now reassessing the risks of doing business in Greater China after rising tensions over Taiwan. Lenders, including Societe Generale SA and JPMorgan Chase & Co. And UBS Group AG … Read more

Lavrov pledges to “fully protect” any annexed land | war news between russia and ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said regions of Ukraine where widely criticized referendums are being held would be under Moscow’s “full protection” if they were annexed, raising the possibility that nuclear weapons would be used if Kyiv tried to reclaim those territories. Lavrov’s remarks at a news conference in New York City on Saturday came … Read more

Ukraine finds mass grave in Izyum after expulsion of Russians | war news between russia and ukraine

Ukrainian authorities have found a mass grave in a forest near the northeastern city of Izyum, days after recapturing it from occupying Russian forces. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed the discovery of the burial site – which contains about 440 bodies – in his address to the country Thursday night. A local police official said … Read more