The bill prohibits gender reassignment for those under the age of 21

Ostensibly, Americans and their legislators accept and understand LGBT people more now more than a decade ago. The Supreme Court’s 2015 decision to legalize same-sex marriage is one of the most tangible and significant gains for LGBT rights — yet the 2015 decision directly protected only lesbian, gay, and bisexual people. No fewer than 19 … Read more

I Love You, You Hate Me reveals Barney’s dark side, from tantric sex to attempted murder

Hating Barney was, and still is, too easy I love you you hate me– New two-part documentary series on Peacock (October 12th) on the famous purple dinosaur – it blue guides Host Steve Burns Who deservedly diagnoses our motive to hate the character. In his view, humans innately enjoy ripping apart things that cannot be … Read more

Inevitably biased visual AI risk management

Scientists have always worked on developing machines Trying to imitate the human brain. Just as humans are subjected to systemic injustice, so are machines learn Human-like stereotypes and cultural norms from social and cultural statements, gaining prejudices and associations in the process. our research It shows that bias is not only reflected in language patterns, … Read more