Cheetahs return to India after an absence of 70 years

Eight leopards moved from Namibia to India The animal disappeared from India 70 years ago Attempting to bring cats back may polish their environmental credentials Some conservationists call it an unrealistic vanity project Challenges include space limits and competing predators LONDON/NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Eight African leopards radioed to the grassland of Kono National Park … Read more

Traffic, water shortages and now floods: the slow death of India’s tech hub?

A large part of Bengaluru has been submerged in recent floods Forced residents to wade into deep water The unrest raises questions about the city’s future as a technology hub Authorities have vowed to act, but severe weather may complicate plans BENGALURU (Reuters) – Harish Polanor spent weekends in the late 1980s wandering the swamps … Read more