Tesla’s dominance in electric cars is waning as cheaper cars enter the market

Tesla It remains the best-selling electric vehicle brand in the United States, but its dominance is eroding as competitors offer a growing number of more affordable models, according to a report Tuesday from S&P Global Mobility. The data firm found that Tesla’s market share of new registered electric vehicles in the US reached 65% during … Read more

My wife agreed to be a surety for her son’s rent without telling me. His car has been recovered for non-payment of his loan. What should I do?

Dear Quentin, About four days ago, I got an email from my wife’s bank saying someone had requested her login username via password reset. When I asked my wife about it, she said she had forgotten her username and was trying to get my stepson access to her portal so he could download some of … Read more

The end of a pandemic earnings boom looms as holiday expectations disappoint

The seemingly sustained large corporate earnings growth during the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be coming to an end this holiday season, as the post-lockdown rebound belies price hikes, recession fears and tough year-over-year comparisons. S&P 500 SPX Index It is now expected to post a year-over-year profit decline in the fourth quarter, after forecasts from … Read more

How does your credit score affect the cost of car financing

Tim Boyle | Bloomberg | Getty Images Although the prices for new cars are a little moderate, financing the purchase of a car was not the cheapest. with the Federal Reserve The latest interest rate hike – 6th of this year – Car loans are expected to become more expensive. The Fed’s move has a … Read more

AI: AI solves traffic problems to get you where you’re going safely

“I’ve never met anyone who really likes traffic,” says Karina Rex of the FTA. Probably with the exception of specialists like her who were tasked with reducing it. Rex has made her career out of paying attention to traffic patterns. Prior to her current role as Associate Research, Innovation and Demonstration Officer for the FTA, … Read more