Zegras, others may make trick shots, regular creative goals in the NHL

“I just came up with something on the spot,” the 21-year-old Anaheim Ducks center said last month. “I don’t know, let your instincts take over.” Although Zegras has become the unofficial face of hoaxes in the NHL, he is not alone. Carolina Hurricanes Ahead Andrei SvichnikovThe 22-year-old scored two lacrosse-style goals, known as “Michigan” – … Read more

NHL Training Camp Buzz: Ovechkin predicted pre-season debut

Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin He is expected to play for the first time this pre-season when the Capitals play the Detroit Red Wings on Friday. Ovechkin is among the 13 forwards on Washington’s provisional list for the game, along with Evgeny KuznetsovAnd the TJ O’Shea And the Lars ElerAll of them are looking forward to … Read more