Indian Zoos: The Seeds of Wildlife Conservation

I’ll start with a quote from my best friend Jane Goodall (Which I’ve never met, of course). Her message to the Anti-Zoo Brigade was that in these times on the brink, it is important, more than ever, to educate children about the importance of wildlife. And nothing, not even the best TV shows and movies, … Read more

Inside the future technology travel trend that can make your next trip truly out of this world

What do Pokemon Go and the COVID pandemic have in common? Both have greatly accelerated the convergence of technology and travel. The popular mobile game Pok√©mon proved that the creative application of augmented reality (AR) was enough to motivate users to explore the real world. The emergence of the pandemic has led to the same … Read more

HCP Social Media Ads Blog Series: AR vs. VR

As we approach the holiday season, advertisers are looking for new ways to stand up to consumers on social media. We’ve all seen and used the regular ad formats (single image, carousel with multiple images, video, etc.) on at least the three major platforms (Meta, Twitter and LinkedIn). (And if you are not using these … Read more

Why Effective Hybrid Collaboration Must Go Beyond Telecom

Guest opinion: When the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to allow employees to work from home, the biggest initial challenge to overcome was to organize ways to communicate effectively. Many have turned to services like Zoom and Teams to allow for group chats while mobile phones have become the channel of choice between two people. Over … Read more

Test your knowledge of virtual reality

What is virtual reality? \ n “,” Interpretation “:” Merriam-Webster defines virtual reality as \” an artificial environment experienced through sensory stimuli (such as sights and sounds) provided by a computer in which an individual’s actions partially determine what is happening in the environment, \” along with Combined with the technology used to access the … Read more

Opinion: Mark Zuckerberg’s massive bet on virtual reality is about to meet actual reality, and it won’t be pretty

Mark Zuckerberg is targeting corporate users with Meta Platforms Inc’s expensive new virtual reality headset. Even if the Meta Quest Pro manages to attract remote workers, the timing couldn’t be worse. In a keynote speech at the META, -1.54% Annual Developers Conference Tuesday, Zuckerberg unveils its latest VR headset at a whopping $1,499It is scheduled … Read more

Defining the Metaverse and the future of physical and digital brands

By Christos Makrides The metaverse economy could be $8 to $13 trillion total addressable market by 2030 with a wide range of use cases across sectors, according to To the 2020 report by Citibank. Most metaverse experiences apps have been directed largely around entertainment, such as virtual concerts or concerts, but several leading academic institutions … Read more