The arrival of cattle marks the start of the World Dairy Fair

Identity signage and farm signs are among the first jobs in kiosk outfitting.

If you want to see more than 2,000 cows and dairy cows, you should tour the dairy barns at the World Dairy Expo. (Dates from 3 to 7 October). You’ll see cattle, owners, and handlers walking around spreading hay, filling feed buckets, setting up signs and doing all the hundreds of other things to prepare the cattle for the show ring while you quietly and patiently watch the cows.

Over 2,000 registered dairy cattle traveled to Madison for the Seven Breed Shows held over the five days. They began arriving by trailer load or in a van or semi, four days before the World Dairy Expo actually kicks off.

They came with loads of supplies: fodder, hay, and equipment ranging from forks to brooms to display boxes full of everything needed to get ready for the show ring. This means clippers, scissors, shoe polish, blankets and concoctions of many kinds to make the calf or cow the most beautiful it has ever been.

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