The brutal internet meme comes to life

Collider is excited to exclusively share a brand new trailer for dark, the upcoming horror film described as a “modern creature feature” is headed to Hulu. The film will premiere on the streaming service a few weeks before Halloween on October 10, 2022.

Story of the dark It centers around the titular creature, a monster-like internet meme that has come to life and not only haunts its victims but causes people to self-harm and others. The trailer demonstrates the creature’s power as it shows a young boy stabbing his mother with a kitchen knife. The events caused by Grimcutty are spreading panic across town, as parents believe that the image of Grimcutty, a long, curved-faced creature with a disfigured white face, red eyes and long black hair, is to blame for some kind of sprain. Internet Challenge. The creature’s next victim is the film’s heroine, Asha Choudary (sAra Wolfkind) who was chased by the creature into her home before disappearing with her parents unable to see the creature.

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The trailer escalates as tensions grow between Asha and her parents, as they grow more and more angry the more they hear about the creature, as one moment shows a confrontation between Asha and her father, with the former holding a knife behind her and her father’s back. The latter holds a syringe. The trailer shows multiple shots of kids who can see Grimcutty being held in the air by an invisible force and what appears to be they were forced to flip the knife on themselves. The trailer is capped off as Grimcutty reaches for Asha and sticks a large kitchen knife to her face.

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Developed and produced by 20th Digital Studio, dark Written and directed by John William Ross. Project executive producers include David Worthen BrooksAnd the Arbi BedrosyanAnd the Gina Cavill. Dawn Fanning More And the David Moore They worked as the film’s producers through their production company, Capture. In addition to Wolfkind, the stars of the film Osman Ali (VEEPAnd the A series of bad events), Shannen Susamun (Ord PinesAnd the Sleepy Hollow), Kalan Faris (Gabe Doran and the unstable components), Alona Tal (seal team), And the Kayden Koshalev (search partyAnd the The tragedy of Macbeth).

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dark It will premiere on Hulu on October 10. Check out the exclusive trailer for the upcoming creature feature, the poster, and the summary below:

In this talking creature feature, a spooky internet meme called “Grimcutty” sparks panic among all the parents in town, convinced it’s making their kids hurt themselves and others. When a realistic version of Grimcutty begins attacking teenage Asha Chaudry (Sara Wolfkind), her parents believe she is injuring herself as part of the challenge. With her phone taken away and no one believing her, Asha has to figure out how to reach her parents and stop Grimcutty once and for all.

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