The Fate of Laina Villarion in the House of the Dragon is a book improvement

Editor’s Note: The following contains a burner for episodes 1-6 of House of the Dragon.George RR Martins fire and blood It is a dense text, even for those who are accustomed to it A song about snow and fire series. The book documents over a hundred years of the Targaryen dynasty, from the conquest of Westeros by Aegon the Conqueror to the unfortunate reign of King Aegon III Targaryen, also known as “Dragonbane.” Its pages contain dozens of characters, events, and more than a few dragons to remember as well. That’s why when HBO set out to adapt part of the book to the series Dragon House That there is a need to take some measures of brevity. Moreover, it is very similar to the previous series Game of thronesThe show’s curators have made some changes that differ from the source material.

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One of these changes is particularly noticeable and arrives Dragon HouseEpisode SixThe princess and the queen(Reference to one of Martin’s works in his works dangerous woman Anthology) and relating to Mrs. Lina Villarion (Nana Blondel). At this point in the show’s timeline, Lana is married to Prince Damon Targaryen (Matt Smith(as his second wife and fathered two daughters, a hostage)Eva Osei Gerning) and bella (Bethany Antonia). She is also a well-established divination dragon, Vhagar . ride, the last living dragon from Aegon the Conqueror’s conquest of Westeros. At this point in Targaryen history, Vhagar is the largest living dragon after Balerion’s death 94 years after the conquest. according to fire and bloodLaena loved nothing more than to soar in the sky on Vagar, and she and Damon traveled to Essus, to show their dragon-riding prowess to the people of Bentos, Cahor, Volantis, and Norvus.

Laina’s death on the show is Dragon’s death

For the most part, HBO follows Laena’s life pretty close to how it’s portrayed fire and blood. However, the most touching change made to the character is how she meets her unfortunate and sudden death. In the sixth episode of Dragon HouseLana finds herself in labor again in the Driftmark after the Essos Tour. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to give birth to her and Demon’s child. The teacher present to Daemon suggests that it may be possible to save the child if they perform a caesarean section, reflecting the circumstances of King Viserys Targaryen (Buddy Considineand his wife, Queen Emma of ArrynSian Brock) In the first episode of the show. As Demon contemplates the decision, realizing that Laina will surely die, she takes matters into her own hands. Refusing to die in the maternity bed, Laina makes her way to the shores of Bentos where Phhagar rests. Dracarys shouts to Vhagar, begging him to burn her. After meditating, Vhagar fulfills his rider’s request, burning Laena alive while Daemon watches in horror.

It’s truly a shocking, thrilling death in a franchise full of horrific and dramatic deaths for sure, but it’s also a huge improvement over Lena’s death in fire and blood. Compared to her death in Martin’s book, Laena Velaryon is able to die in a Dragon manner on her own terms, which shows her determination and strength of will as well. Additionally, this death sequence creates a parallel between Daemon and his brother King Viserys, setting him in the shoes of his kin when an impossible decision has been made. In Viserys’ case, he went to a cesarean section, which resulted in the death of his wife Aemma but gave birth to his son Baelon, who did not survive for long after that. A demon mocked Bailon and called him an “heir of the day,” causing great friction between him and his brother. Now, cruel fate has put him in the same puzzle, but it seems conflicting as his brother was once decisive. Instead of making a decision, Laena makes her own, which is a huge posthumous improvement in the source material.

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How does Laina Villarion die in the book?

in fire and bloodLina went into labor for a day and night and was able to deliver her son successfully. However, the child was disfigured and debilitated, dying within an hour. Lana feels upset and drained of her strength, and begins to succumb to a fever, most likely from puerperal sepsis, although fire and blood She specifically calls it puerperal fever. Driftmark expert and Dragonstone’s Maester Gerardys are unable to help her. Three days later, after excruciating pain and illness, Lena died in bed at 120 AC (after conquest), known as the cursed “Year of Red Spring.” She was only 27 years old.

Lina’s death fire and blood It takes an even more tragic turn, stating:

It is said that Lady Lena rose during her last hour of bed, pushed the barriers on which she prayed away, and made her way out of her room, bent on reaching Vhagar so that she could fly one last time before she died. But her strength disappointed her on the steps of the tower, and there she collapsed and died. Her husband, Prince Demon, carried her to her bed. After that, Mashroom tells us, Princess Rainera sat with him vigil over the corpse of Mrs. Laina, and consoled him in his grief.

With Princess Rhinera Targaryen (Eve is better) turbulent in Dragon House Dealing with a scandal in King’s Landing, Daemon’s only consolation after his wife’s death is his two twin daughters. However, compared to the days of her illness and death in Tower in fire and bloodLina’s death in Dragon House It can be considered an improvement in most aspects. If one assumes that her son and child were doomed, it is likely that she saved her family further grief by subjecting herself to a fiery death at the hands of Vagar. With Damon being the sole witness to her death, Rayna and Bella are spared watching their mother suffer.

Furthermore, Lena was nothing if not a dragon clairvoyant through and through, and a Dragon’s Death is more suitable for the descendants of ancient Valeria. one of Dragon HouseThe overarching themes in its first season are the place of women within Westeros’ patriarchal and feudal system. The Women of the Show, from Rhaenyra Targaryen to Queen Alicent Hightower (Olivia Cook), Regular battle forces and making decisions that challenge cultural expectations. Lena’s death is another great example of this, challenging the assumption that she would die under the knife or in a maternity bed. Instead, a real dragon dies in ancient Valyria, cementing her legacy with fire and blood.

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