The Samsung Galaxy S22 outperforms the iPhone 14 in four big ways

The iPhone 14 is here, and it really is one of the best phones out there. You get the same glowing processor inside last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, improved cameras, and a fun new motion mode for video. And new security features like SOS emergency via satellite and detecting malfunctions on the way, which makes this flagship all the more convincing.

But as you will see in the file iPhone 14 reviewThere is definitely room for improvement. and the Samsung Galaxy S22 It already answers some of our criticisms of the iPhone 14, thanks to its more robust feature set – especially when it comes to the display and cameras. Here’s how the Galaxy S22 outperforms the iPhone 14 along with the areas in which Apple is leading.

Where the Galaxy S22 outperforms the iPhone 14

Galaxy S22 sports screen with 120Hz refresh rate (always on)

Samsung Galaxy S22 review

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

You may have seen me write this before, but the 120Hz display is not a professional feature. However, Apple retains its ProMotion 120Hz display for iPhone 14 Pro And the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The 120Hz screen provides smoother scrolling (as when browsing the web), more fluid animations and better gameplay of supported titles. The iPhone unfortunately sticks to the 60Hz OLED screen.

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