The state of optimism of Washington’s leaders

At the risk of completely and irresponsibly getting ahead of ourselves – which is very unwise when it comes to the people of Ashburn – let us stand up completely and irresponsibly.

“I don’t want to pre-empt that…” said Ron Rivera.

But it’s hard not to do that, isn’t it? after, after What happened to Jacksonville??

“That puts us in a position, in the next game, we’re going into it with momentum,” Rivera said.

It’s amazing that the difference between the edge of a razor, can be a loser The victory of Washington’s leaders over the Jaguar The worst league owners in two years in a row – and the alternative. It shouldn’t color how you see the rest of the season. It colors how you see the rest of the season.

Hop on this mind slide and enjoy the ride. What is possible for this now renamed team? It is foolish and dangerous to put so much weight and emotion behind a one week result.

But come on. Look at the table!

“Could youNot “Look ahead, things happen really fast,” said new quarterback Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz held up well against the blitzkrieg in week one – but more to come

But it’s a little tempting, isn’t it? Let’s do it.

Sunday game in Detroit. Detroit! Washington has been a lousy franchise since the Clinton administration. the black? Black is worse! Since 2000, Washington has won only one playoff win. Detroit has zero! Since 2000, Washington has had a regular season win percentage of .417, 28th in a 32-team league. shocking. Black win ratio is .347 – 31!

Is it a winnable game? It is a game that can be won.

“We’re concerned about Detroit,” said Logan Thomas.

concerned? Excuse me. Black is a live, breathing tomato can. In the third week!

OK, OK, Week 3 brought the Philadelphia Eagles to FedEx Field, and the Philadelphia Eagles commented 38 points on the Detroit Lions, as they ran for 216 yards. The Eagles competed in the playoffs last year. They will be favored in this game, rightfully so.

Fourth week: in Dallas. The last time Washington visited Dallas, the cowboys delivered her Embarrassing 56-14 Paste She outscored Washington by 240 yards. Dak Prescott quarterback Cowboys completed all the passes he loved, throwing for four touchdowns, no picks and…

wait. Prescott will not play in this game due to a thumb injury? The leaders will draw… Cooper Rush?

So you’re saying there is a chance?

“You think about it, of course,” said defensive back Bobby McCain. “I watch ESPN, I watch ‘First Take’ and all these guys, and they’re always talking about what’s going to happen. ‘Oh, he’s in IR, he’s not in IR.’ You hear all that. But in this league, man, you have to take it a week every Once. We have a big game in the division next week…”

Oh Bobby. Detroit this is week. Philadelphia next one week.

“The only game that matters right now is Detroit,” McCain said.

right right. So it would be irresponsible to look back on that week five home game against Tennessee, and think about how the Titans lost their opening home game to the New York Giants, and remember how the Washington beat the Giants twice last year not with solid weapons. Wentz but with brave Taylor Heineck behind the middle. The transitive characteristic of the NFL means that defeating the Giants is certainly possible. If not possible.

next one! Tilting Thursday night in Chicago. Chicago? Yes, the Bears opened with a win over San Francisco. The things that happen. It’s the NFL. But they did it by earning 204 yards–the lowest 1 week total in the league. Additionally, prior to the start of the season, the Westgate SuperBook had favored the leaders by 2½ in this game, and all of the Vegas locations had a higher Washington win total than Chicago.

Looks like the rare weekend will be spent smoking Victory cigars.

Now we’re getting out there, deep in October. A lot will happen now and then – injuries, interceptions, downfalls, turbulence. Who do you know? It would be irresponsible to get it who – which Far ahead of ourselves. So it’s not worth noting that Week 7 opponent Green Bay managed to score seven points in an opening loss to Minnesota as Aaron Rodgers was sacked four times. Rodgers is 38 years old and doesn’t have reliable receivers.

This win over Jacksonville opened up unbelievable possibilities. is not it?

The leaders had several firsts in the first week. Darek Forrest was probably the best.

“You don’t have time to think about next week or next week or next week, you know?” Wentz said, taking the decidedly improper course. We take it one game at a time. [insert eyeroll emoji here] “And I think all these things are fun for everyone.

“But we don’t have the time, quite frankly, or the emotional energy to spend on these things because we’re trying to find a way to win now.”

Fine. Welcome to town, Mr. Wet Towel. Sure, you won’t win them All. It looks like 6-1, right?

“I think it’s good for us to see that we can trust,” Wentz said.

This is more like that. I mean, it’s not like Washington lost, say, its last four trips to Detroit, including Two years ago in the first season of Riveraincluding 2010 When Mike Shanahan dumped Donovan McNab from Rex Grossman For the final unsuccessful drive, including 2009 when the lions break a 19 consecutive matches.

clings. I was told that… all of these things are true?

And um, now I am told that black is too favorite In this game, and this is the first time that lions have been favored in a game since November 2020. Looks like Vegas hasn’t been notified that Washington is now a juggernaut.

I haven’t really heard anything about that,” Sam Cosmi said. “I honestly don’t care about that much.”

Correct answer, Sam. We pick and choose what we care about here. I mean, it’s not like Washington didn’t start 2-0 in over a decade.

oh dear. Washington’s last start came with a 2-0 score in 2011. What happened that year? She lost six in a row mid-season and finished 5-11, the last in the NFC East.

Perhaps this first week’s winning and color theory needs more research. lets see. Prior to this season, Washington won its first game 11 times this century. Only three times this win led to a record. Last start 5-1 or better: 1996.

It’s as if there’s a baked-in deficit here, like the franchise has been hot rubbish for over two decades. Come to think of it, every opponent on the Leaders table looks at their game and says, “We can win who – which One.”

sigh. Why do you suddenly feel like the leaders are going to lose in Detroit? And when they do, see how hard the schedule is. Where will they find victory in the world?

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