Wales vs Poland: Nations League – Live Updates | The League of Nations

Wales: Hennessey; Cabango, Rodon, Norrington-Davies; C Roberts, Morrell, Levitt, N Williams; Johnson, Bale (C), James. Subs: Gunter, Colwill, Smith, Roberts, Ward, Moore, Burns, Williams, M Harris, King, Thomas, James


Poland: Szczesny; Bednarek, Glik, Kiwior; Bereszynski, Krychowiak, Zurowski, Zalewski; Zielinski, Lewandowski (C), Swiderski. Subs: Skorupski, Dragowski, Gumny, Kedziora, Wieteska, Milik, Piotrowski, Grosicki, Skoras, Kaminski, Szymanski, Piatek.

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Thursday’s defeat to Belgium, their habitual opponents, showed the size of the task that may await Rob Page in Qatar. The second-half display, which raised the hackles of Roberto Martinez so much he got himself sent off, at least suggested that all is by no means lost. These Nations League matches, competitive as they technically are, are warmups for what comes in November, but like the English the Welsh are set to be relegated from the top tier unless they beat the Poles tonight. Page’s men have not won their last four matches, not ideal preparation for the World Cup but Gareth Bale is likely to be involved from the start.


As for the Poles, they are readying themselves for a World Cup group involving Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina, and coming off a 2-0 loss to the Netherlands on Thursday.


There’s some other big matches played this evening to keep you updated on, with Denmark taking on France, and the Netherlands taking on the Belgians. The Nations League: it’s relentless.

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main events

34 minutes: Scoreflash: Denmark 1-0 France, Kasper Dolberg got it, and like England, the French are headed for it The League of Nations download ;

33 minutes: Dan James does something Dan James gets kicked out by Kabango’s one-on-one pass. He faces Szczesny, who saves not once, but twice. This may have been James’ weakest foot but we’ve all seen James fail to take advantage of these opportunities.

31 minutes: Conor Roberts comes close… No, Zalewski got it wrong trying to win the header. The Polish defender holds his head, although he received a blow to the back. Then there are some implications that Lewandowski came up with. Roberts’ turn to make a mistake. No love lost in The League of Nations.

29 minutes: Joe Rodon, the Welsh senior defender tonight, has to wipe a ball off the wing. The first 30 minutes weren’t easy for her Wales. Their attacking planes saw little to no ball.

27 minutes: Poland opportunity! Hennessy holds on gratefully as Zelensky’s cross heads down. Poland is starting to accumulate pressure now, and dominate possession.

25 minutes: Lewandowski falls to the ground, grabs his face, some plays on display from the Poles here? No, Kabango has him dropping all over the place, the Swansea defender is one of those who aren’t quite sure of a place in Qatar.

23 minutes: Poland are not particularly quick in attack, although this has been an issue since Lewandowski started playing with them.

21 minutes: Scorflash: Actually, there wasn’t The League of Nations Goals elsewhere than that match between Austria and Croatia, where the score is still 1-1.

18 minutes: Nico Williams to the rescue, one last mission, to cut a pass from the excellent Zelensky so far. Wales It looks shaky in the back to say the least.

16 minutes: Joe Allen and Aaron Ramsay look on from the sidelines. Allen, who is back at Swansea, has a hamstring problem, and Ramsey has something similar, which he picked up while playing for Nice.

14 minutes: Wales In the first corner, Brennan Johnson forced him, using his speed to the right. It is erased after being pushed into the box.

13 minutes: The irony is because Lewandowski’s loose touch allows the ball to go out. A great man would need more than that to get him down.

11 minutes: Matt Donnie corrects me, correctly. I knew the difference, having covered the Welsh team at Cardiff Stadium.

“I suppose it was kind of a little wrong, but they’re not in the principality. It’s Cardiff City. It’s one of the many, many things that the Welsh FA are doing right at the moment. No doubt they could sell more tickets if they used the principality, but the players And fans want to stay in the home of Cardiff City instead.And while it generates less revenue (particularly given its surprisingly family-friendly ticket pricing structure), the forces to listen to.The shows and atmosphere proved it, and led to WC qualification, Which means massive infusion of revenue in the long run. A clear strategy that paid off. See also, fade the music to the anthem and allow the audience to sing unaccompanied. It is very popular among fans, and despite its relatively small size, it makes a huge difference for fans. Do you hear ya RFU? No, of course not…”

9 minutes: Zelensky falls after a clash with Kabango, and the referee goes off, much to the crowd’s dismay. The Napoli player grabs his ankle but he’ll be fine.

It’s Austria now 1-1 Croatia, Christoph Baumgartner scores the equalizer.

8 minutes: Scorflash: Croatia 1-0 Austria, Luka Modric scores the goal.

6 minutes: Ben Kabango gets his first chance to prove himself against Lewandowski. Then there’s a flutter of hearts as Rodon goes loose again, and there’s a panic before Hennessy slips to deny the Poles the ball.

5 minutes: Some early touches for Bale, and then Lewandowski gets his first touches. Wales Get plenty of space under the wings.

3 minutes: early warning sign for Wales While Rodon exits and Zilinki passes. He was offside but Wayne Hennessy saved anyway. It started with a lot of energy.

1 minute: And we go away to Cardiff. An early attack from Daniel James and was looking for Gareth Bale as he ran away. Polish fans are making themselves heard, too. Their defense makes the ball clear.

An honestly unbelievable version of the land of my fathers, the Welsh national anthem from fans in Cardiff. Incredible sound. You can keep your Marseillaise and Il Canto degli Italiani, when the Welsh get their due song, untouchable.

This is a farewell to the fans before the World CupIt is the first since 1958 that, despite accommodation and cost issues, it is said that there may be roughly the same number of Welsh fans traveling to Qatar as the English. Once in a lifetime, even allowing for the glory of Euro 2016 and being in Euro 2020. Principality Stadium sways with some classic electronic dance music and the lights flash on and off. Cardiff is a city that does these events very well.

Alan Pogue contacts: “Bonsoir from Paris. It is impossible to find a tape showing the game in Cardiff. On the plus side, the Munch Gallery here was worth a visit at the Musée d’Orsay. And it would definitely be a cry if we and the Scots are in the A-Squad for the next Nations League while our neighbors face Kazakhstan.”

Rob Page speaks to S4C – in English.

That’s what it is and we only have one match to win. We had four top players from both games. We couldn’t play Gareth on Thursday, it would have been crazy. keffer [Moore] He was suffering from a bit of illness and took a blow that had nothing to do with team selection. It’s another whole house, [the fans] play a huge role.

Ben Fisher is our guy in Cardiff tonight, and he’ll report full time later.

It was in Wales Camp, and hear what the likes of Rob Page and Gareth Bale have to say.

Page: “We have a job at hand that we are completely focused on. Once the final whistle is over, we will prepare for the World Cup.”

Bell: “I’m closer than I’ve been in the past few years, for sure,” says Bell. “It’s all about playing minutes and games and I’m starting to do that a lot now. The more I play, the fitter I get. I hope I can start peaking and getting stronger and stronger ASAP.”

to sign up , Big Vinny Janssen scored six out of five for Royal Antwerp.

Some of the Premier League legends are herenot least Tottenham icon Vincent Janssen, and that Belgium The team includes Jan Verthongen and Toby Alderweireld.

𝗢𝗨𝗥 𝗕𝗢𝗬𝗦 vs Belgium! 💥🇧🇪#NationsLeague #NEDBEL

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The 1️⃣1️⃣ Devils for the Derby der Lage Landen! ⚔️ #SelectedbyPwC #NEDBEL #DEVILTIME

— Belgian Red Devils (@BelRedDevils) September 25, 2022


Denmark’s advantages against France Some rather exciting players, Arsenal fans can either get excited or look through their hands as William Saliba begins. Eduardo Camavinga and Aurelien Chuamini of Real Madrid in partnership.

🇩🇰 433 it is – Denmark's starting lineup vs. France:#ForDanmark #NationsLeague

— Danish Football (@DanishFooty365) September 25, 2022


Le 1️⃣1️⃣ qui débutera face au Danemark ! @AntoGriezmann capitaine ce soir 🔥

Coup d'envoi à 20h45 sur @TF1 📺#DANFRA | #FiersdetreBleus

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Four Welsh changes From the team that lost to Belgium. Mepham, Ampadu, Smith & Moore. Cabango, Muriel, Levitt and Bill N.

Three Polish changes But the same three successor from the loss to the Netherlands.

It’s Bale v Lewandowski in the Battle of Captain’s Armbands.

Per PA modes:

Skipper Gareth Bale is back in the Wales squad for the Nations League relegation with Poland in Cardiff.

Bale, who was a second-half substitute in Belgium on Thursday after arriving late due to his commitments to play in the United States, was one of four changes alongside Ben Kabango, Dylan Levitt and Joe Morrell.

Commentator pair Chris Mepham and Ethan Ampadu withdrew, as did Matt Smith and Keefer Moore, with Wales knowing that just a win was enough to keep them in League A.

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski led the captain of a Poland national team that needed a draw or win to stay in Europe’s top flight football.

The difference – Bill starts

Wales: Hennessy. Cabango, Rodon, Norrington Davies; C. Roberts, Muriel; Levitt, N. Williams; Johnson, Bill (center), James. Subs: Gunther, Colwell, Smith, Roberts, Ward, Moore, Burns, Williams, M. Harris, King, Thomas, James

Poland: Chisney. Bednarek, Glick, Keuyure; Bereszynski, Krychowiak, Zurowski, Zalewski; Zelensky, Lewandowski (C), Swidersky. Subs: Skorupski, Dragowski, Gumny, Kedziora, Wieteska, Milik, Piotrowski, Grosicki, Skoras, Kaminski, Szymanski, and Piatek.


Thursday’s defeat to Belgium, their usual opponent, showed just how big a task could await Rob Page in Qatar. The show of the second half, which infuriated Roberto Martinez so much that he expelled himself, at least indicated that everything was by no means lost. these The League of Nations The matches, as technically as they are, are a warm-up for what’s to come in November, but like the English, the Welshman are set to go down from the top flight unless they beat the Poles tonight. Big’s men haven’t won their last four games and that’s not a perfect World Cup preparation, but Gareth Bale is likely to be involved from the start.

As for the Poles, they are preparing for a World Cup group stage that includes Mexico, Saudi Arabia and Argentina, losing 2-0 to the Netherlands on Thursday.

There are a few other big matches played this evening to keep you updated, with Denmark playing France and the Netherlands against Belgium. League of Nations: It’s relentless.

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