What is the reality? It’s all in how you see it.

The whole concept of “reality” has always fascinated me and amazed me millions of others. Several moons ago (and this is speaking of generations “a long time ago”), I eagerly devoured an evening philosophy course at what is now Saint Joseph’s University in my hometown of Philadelphia. The teacher was well liked and his late-night classrooms were always full and his students, both men and women, crowded around his desk after class to continue discussing topics he brought back to life, like — well — reality.

In those years, the topic was a philosophical football that was played for hours and used as the basis for term papers. You can enjoy this term because everyone knows what is real and, most importantly, what is not real. The term itself was not in question.

which was then. Now, enter “Virtual Reality”, “Augmented Reality” and all their sub-genres. Concepts have permeated our language, our TV shows, our ads, and yes, our lives — like it or not.

Sandra Matushka

Rod Serling, creator of the old TV series “Twilight Zone,” today it would be difficult to create a series beyond what has become “normal.” I particularly remember an episode in which a man constantly visited a museum to see a particular landscape painting he liked, and in conclusion, escaped the police by entering the painting and disappearing. We now have the opportunity to do the same with the right equipment.

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