Why Trump told the National Archives, “I want my documents back!”

In the nearly two months since researching Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump has channeled much of his anger In the FBI. As regular readers know, the former president vehemently attacked the office and its clients, calling them “corruptaccusing them ofatrocities“, telling his followers that federal law enforcement officials”gangstersevil monsters” And the “A real threat to democracy. “

But follow our last coveragethe Republicans’ disdain for the National Archives and Records Administration is almost dire.

Two weeks ago, for example, via his Twitter-like social media platform, the former president insist on That the “radical left” “controls” the archives. He also accused NARA of “inciting the raid on Mar-a-Lago”. Two days later, Trump sat down with Fox News and He saidreferring to the archive, “A radical left-wing group of people [are] Run that thing.”

Yesterday, the Republican turned things around a little, draw attention to the year 2009 a story About the archival loss of a hard drive from the Clinton White House, Beside A 1993 a story About the Loss of Archivists Tapes from HW Bush White House.

This obviously gave Trump an idea of written statementReleased yesterday afternoon. Read in its entirety:

“NARA lost an entire hard drive filled with highly sensitive information from the Clinton White House – over 100,000 Social Security numbers and addresses, Secret Service, White House operating procedures (very sensitive!), political records and who knows what else. They left the hard drive in an unsafe location , and they didn’t realize it was gone for months – some say the data could have filled millions of books, and NARA admitted the material was “personally identifiable,” affecting thousands of White House staff, visitors, and even one of Gore’s daughters. In fact, they offer a big reward ($50,000!) for trying to recover information. What else “lost”? How can Americans trust such a system? There is no security in NARA. I want my documents back!”

There are a few angles to this that are worth keeping in mind. The first is that the archive company lost an external hard disk 13 years ago, and this error It proved uncomfortable to many people.

How does that relate to Trump’s decision to take hypersensitive items to his glorified country club and refuse to return them? it’s not. It seems that the former president might make people believe that the 2009 incident, along with an unrelated error from 29 years ago, is evidence that NARA is somewhat untrustworthy. This is wrong and pathetic.

But it’s also completely off topic. Even if the archives lose things all the time — which is clearly not the case, given the Republican has only found two mistakes in the past three decades — Trump still has to follow the law.

And in the Mar-a-Lago scandal, there is reason to believe that the former president did not follow the law.

Second, Trump’s insistence that “there is no security in NARA,” based on a hard drive missing 13 years ago, is kind of fun. In fact, if we’re going to have a real conversation about proper security, we’d probably start checking by scan Serious Goofs in Mar-a-Lago.

Finally, there is the ex-president’s closing declaration: “I want my documents back!” As he apparently sees it, if archivists lose a hard drive in 2009, officials should return the materials he took from the White House.

It doesn’t make sense, it’s not about how reality works, and if Trump really believes he’s going to get the classified documents back, he’ll probably be disappointed.

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